Azendoo groups all your teamwork in one place so that you can plan, share and get organized, together.


Your Projects Will Likely Fail Because of This One Thing...

Bad communication. Chances are, it's you. When your project goes bad, we all need to look in the mirror and take a deep breath of the reality that most people are poor communicators. Communication is the one thing we all take for granted in a project management scenario.
Everyone just assumes everyone else just knows what needs to be done. Read about "The Psychological Test That Explains Why You're Bad At Communicating".

Here are three tips for improving your communication skills.

Be Candid & Specific

In cultures where you haven't known your teammates for more than a few years (in online working environments, it may have been only a few months), adhere to a protocol that encourages direct and specific

How Ricardo works with Azendoo & Evernote

Ricardo Fairbanks Cacciaguerra is administrator, financial consultant and owner of Money in Focus Financial Consulting. He is also an Evernote Business Concultant and Azendoo user.


Today he shares with us the way he uses Azendoo to manage his workflow.

Could you tell us a bit about your work?

Manager, financial advisor and owner of Dinheiro em Foco Consultoria, I served for more than 10 years in various positions in the financial area of national and multinacional companies. During this period, work performed financial planning, management of infrastructure, besides the preparation of feasibility studies for new projects and investments.

Currently I hold business financial consulting, as well as courses about financial area and Evernote Business.

How do you use Azendoo to

A job interview at Azendoo

Getting There

If you were wondering what an interview at Azendoo might be like, I have the pleasure of being able to give you the beginning of an answer, since I survived my own to tell the tale.

You might not know, but Azendoo’s offices currently are located in Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux is renowned for its wine production, but it actually also is a dynamic, recently labeled French Tech, charming city.

But the offices are not located anywhere in Bordeaux, they are in the Darwin Ecosystem, a set of warehouses of a former military barracks, which became a hothouse of eco-companies dedicated to economic cooperation and ecological transition.


Since it was my first time there, I asked my way

Announcing the arrival of Guests

Since Azendoo started, we have been on a mission to help companies achieve more goals. We started two years ago and targeted small teams and even individuals, helping them to get – and stay – organized.

Today, we’re excited to be launching a new feature - available for Business subscriptions - aimed at helping you to use Azendoo with more people from outside of your workspace. We call it “Guests”. Azendoo Guests will enable you to easily extend your work further, and to collaborate securely on isolated subjects with external people such as your partners, customers, consultants, providers, etc.

Azendoo Guests are identified by a blue “Guest” label, and only have access to the subject they’ve been invited to (and

5 Ways Azendoo can save you and your team lots of time

Azendoo is a project management application that works as a collaborative work tool to make team communication, work management and document sharing easier. It is available on your computer and smartphone.

Here are 5 ways Azendoo will save you and your team lots of time:

1. It works with what you already use

The great thing about Azendoo is that you don’t have to change your habits.
It integrates all the applications you and your team already use like Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox or Skype. You will simply have to drag and drop your documents into the app.
Also, you can find all documents that was shared or attached to a task or message, directly within the app.


5 Ways to Finish Everything You Started

Are you that kind of person who starts a project but struggles to finish it? Do you sometimes even give up finishing what you started? Don’t worry: you’re not alone and this is not an incurable problem.
If you’re having a hard time finishing your projects, it might be because of a lack of planning and/or organization. If you don’t plan things properly, you can quickly feel overwhelmed and stressed, and so you give up.

Here are five pieces of advice to help you get your projects finished, and feel great about it!

Estimate the resources you need

Before starting to work on your idea, figure out how much time and effort it will require

Azendoo Premium Plans 101

Azendoo comes in various versions. Here's a detailed list of our plans.

Azendoo Starter (free)

Azendoo is free to use, forever.
With the Free version of Azendoo you can:

  • own ONE workspace & participate to others workspaces
  • work with as many people as you need. There's no limit on invitations
  • start unlimited subjects (teams/projects), messages and tasks,
  • enjoy 10GB of shared storage.
  • enable 1 integration (Google, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Skype)
  • share your tasks with other team-members (assigning tasks, however, is a premium feature)
  • use azendoo on the web, your desktop or on mobile (iOS / Android) and tablets.

Azendoo Pro

Azendoo Pro has been designed to let you upgrade your personal experience with premium features.
Azendoo Pro is designed for

Azendoo in Numbers

At Azendoo we're starting 2015 on the right foot! So we decided to share some numbers with you.

Here is an infographic about you, Azendoo users!


Azendoo, this is:

  • 279 021 users
  • In 180 countries and 7374
  • More than 3,5 million tasks done


In less than 2 years!

Thank you all for your support. We have great ambitions and we are very proud to have you onboard!

Have a wunderful 2015!
The Azendoo team

Using Azendoo to manage a NPO

Kent White is a Project Manager for a NPO called "A Child's Hope Foundation". So when he contacted us to be part of Azendoo NPOs' program we jumped on this occasion to ask him about his Azendoo usage.


Could you tell us a bit about your work?

A Child’s Hope Foundation helps orphans and abandoned children find a safe and loving home either with an adoptive family or inside a family-style orphanage. We build and remodel orphanages to support these children, but our work doesn’t end there. We know that children need more than a roof over their heads. They need love, nurture, and comforting, so we take volunteers on work projects to meet the orphans, play with

Checking things off your list can save you some stress!

This is a USer Story written by Heather Wenzel, marketing assistant for a Non-Profit.


Could you tell us a bit about your work?

I am the marketing assistant for a nonprofit women's business networking group, and I manage everything including the organization's website content updates, social media management, email newsletters, new member outreach, event scheduling and promotion, and collateral development. My position is part-time, in addition to my full-time position at an advertising agency. I use Azendoo at both of my jobs, but it has been a huge benefit for my work with this nonprofit.

How do you use Azendoo to organise your work?

As with any job, there are some projects I need to do every day, some that