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Whether you are a Manager, a CEO, a Chief or a Boss you definitely have responsibilities. You have a team to manage, a company or a department to lead and of course, not enough time to do everything.

When managing a team and multiple projects at the same time, you need to be really organized, to plan everything and to sync everyone on the same information. That’s why in order to increase your Bossy Productivity you need to centralize all your work and your team-members on the same application : Azendoo.

Azendoo is the teamwork application that enables you to manage all your work in one place. So here are 3 tips to teach you how to make the best out of Azendoo.

Come on, Do it like a Boss !

1- Set up clear and shared objectives

You need to encourage team engagement by improving your communication resources. Working in groups can sometime lead to a lot of frustration because knowledge is not equally shared, objectives are confusing and there isn’t any synchronization.

Therefore, the first you need to do is to get everyone on the same information and on the same page when it comes to objectives. Azendoo lets you organize your work in « Subjects »  where you regroup the right people to work with you.

A subject can be anything: a project, a meeting, a product, a customer or whatever you want. To synchronize all your coworkers on the same objectives, you need to fill in the subject description and give as many materials as might be needed to accomplish your work.

Azendoo subjects work like Tags, and not as folders. Tagging your content allows you to associate it to several different topics at the same time. That way, if someone is looking for information related to one specific topic, your content is automatically in the basket.

2- Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

As a Manager, the more you delegate the more time you have to be productive. With traditional tools, you usually assign important tasks by email, on a post it, or during a meeting. But how do you make sure the things you asked have been assimilated and done on time? How do you follow your coworkers progress?

The best way to delegate work is to use the “assign a task” feature in your Azendoo task card. Once you created a task, you can add content, set a due date if there is one, add a comment if needed and then simply assign it to one of your co-workers. Plus, Azendoo lets you keep track of the work that you have delegated and notifies you when an assigned task has been completed. No need to send thousands of emails to get in sync anymore.

3- Start Pulling the Information

Information is everywhere! So much so that today, there are two kinds of information: One that has been pushed to you (emails) and another that you’re pulling (searchable info). During a given workday, most of the information you’re dealing with is pushed, especially via your co-workers’ emails.

Therefore, Azendoo is here to let you and your team share knowledge horizontally and put an end to spamming each other. Now, you can access information when needed, and you’re not depending on information that’s been pushed to you. For example, you can access a team members task list from his profile, or from a subject’s task planner in the subject timeline. You’re now the one who decide when you need the information and which information you need.

Use Azendoo like a Boss !

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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