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Getting There

If you were wondering what an interview at Azendoo might be like, I have the pleasure of being able to give you the beginning of an answer, since I survived my own to tell the tale.

You might not know, but Azendoo’s offices currently are located in Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux is renowned for its wine production, but it actually also is a dynamic, recently labeled French Tech, charming city.

But the offices are not located anywhere in Bordeaux, they are in the Darwin Ecosystem, a set of warehouses of a former military barracks, which became a hothouse of eco-companies dedicated to economic cooperation and ecological transition.


Since it was my first time there, I asked my way to a pretty young woman, having a coffee at the bistro who gladly pointed me the way to the floor above with a smile. After walking through co-working spaces of digital startups, I ended up in Azendoo’s headquarters.


The Interview

As I stepped in, Frédérique Castagnac, the Marketing Manager, greeted me and asked me to wait patiently as I was early (a good way to make sure you’re not late). I sat there in that room with a dozen of people quietly staring at their screens, getting shit done.

Their offices consists of one big room, from what I could tell. And I truly was dreading the moment when I had to talk about myself with everyone hearing me if not listening. It was a relief for me when Frédérique was joined by Grégory Lefort, Azendoo’s co-founder and CEO, and they decided to have the interview in the bistro downstairs, around a coffee.

We had the usual job interview routine, where they talked about the company, and I talked about myself. After the introductions, we quickly cut down to the chase. They knew what they wanted and made sure I accepted all the drawbacks of working at Azendoo, which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for: a job where I can be autonomous, take initiatives, makes propositions on anything and everything, which all of this translates to having actual impact on the team, the product and the company.

They are user-oriented and want to develop their growing community of users, as they are the people who make Azendoo what it is. Another thing I managed to grasp during the little time I spent there was how opened everyone was to new ideas, to criticisms, to anything that can help them improve their product. They don’t settle for what they have and aren’t afraid of change.

I could feel their passion about the product, and their devotion to make Azendoo the best productivity tool out there, so much that it became contagious. And even though I already knew I wanted to work there, there was no going back after this.

The take off

After the interview, Frédérique invited me back up to share my insights with one of the programmers, responsible for the mobile and desktop apps. He listened to my humble user experience, and took note of my suggestions to make the desktop app more functional. He invited me no to hesitate to report any bug or simply share my future suggestion with the “HELP” icon situated at the bottom left of the Azendoo app.

So this is to all of the users out there, who do not dare clicking this icon. Azendoo people actually listen to what you have to say. If it’s a bug you’re facing, they’ll work their asses off to get it fixed, and if it’s a suggestion, they will actually consider it. As I already mentioned, they are truly user-driven.

Turns out they've selected me for the position ;)

So please welcome to the team our new Brand and Content intern: Mattias LeCren


Team Azendoo
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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