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Alain is a new Azendoo Rockstar. His work accompanying teams in their project research makes him an expert in using the application!


Here's his story of how and why he uses Azendoo.

In my work as a consultant to entrepreneurs, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my working methods, in order to pass them on to the people I am accompanying. Whilst there are certainly a multitude of tools available on the Internet, I wanted to put together a toolbox that would enable me to improve my day-to-day, and that was also pragmatic and accessible.

The tool that does everything doesn't exist (and indeed shouldn't exist...or it would be a real kludge, wouldn't it!). However, to be efficient, you need tools, which, at the very least interface well and in an ideal world, are integrated with one another.

In that respect, I was looking for functionalities that would enable me to be able to collect data (from various sources: emails, reports, the web etc.), and allow me to choose to integrate the results from that data into an action plan. Thanks to the app’s interface with its workflow from emails, and to its increasingly advanced integration of Evernote (in order to link my notes or the data I have collected), Azendoo enables me to access the information I need, right when I need it in order to take action, gaining me time and peace of mind. Azendoo makes collaborative teamwork possible, and so I am able to develop a closer relationship with my clients.


In Azendoo, I have also discovered certain functionalities that enable me not just to follow an action plan for a given project, but also to create routines i.e. tasks that are carried out on a regular basis and according to premeditated procedures. That is what I call being highly efficient on a daily basis.

Of course, I don't have a vested interest in Azendoo, but I just hadn't previously come across such a complete tool that is not only adapted into French (there are lots of complete tools out there, but there is a reluctance to localize the applications into French), but is actually made in France, and by a French startup that has positioned itself as leader in its market. That's the icing on the cake for me.

Seeing as the team is always ready to help its users, I am happy to be able to contribute to its progression by becoming an AZENDOO ROCKSTAR!

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