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Could you tell us a bit about your company, your duties and the role you play?

U’RSELF is a startup specialized in field marketing. I am the founder and CEO.
Our principle clients are retail chains such as Cultura, Darty and FNAC, and franchises such as Ateliers des Chefs and Bistro Régent. We advise them on their organization and sales events in their points of sale, using our three centres of expertise:

● A web-marketing solution for brand management, which enables the chain to make all kinds of communication media available in their stores, and to manage the access rights and modifications online.

● A built in printing factory to produce printed media (business cards, flyers, brochures, booklets etc.) and media for advertising and information at point of sale (banners, canvas sheets, PVC boards etc).

● A logistics center to manage delivery, dispatch, set-up and storage of the orders placed for communication media.

How do you use Azendoo?

I use Azendoo for the work of the team as a whole.
The tool enables us to communicate regarding Internet events and to host HR events (surveys, competitions and so on).

On the commercial side of things, we use Azendoo for setups: it enables us to plan all operations and to keep our clients updated as to the progression of, and any delays or obstructions to, their projects.

We use Azendoo as a labelling tool for our clients, and also for internal issues such as bugs, or developments to our public premises.

Did you encounter any difficulties in familiarising yourself with Azendoo?

No, the solution is really intuitive and we didn't need to hold any internal training to use it.

In what way has Azendoo facilitated your work and organisation on a daily basis?

We have been able to reduce our use of email, and above all the tool has made it easier to work on long-term tasks. Beforehand, in order to be able to follow the development of a given task, we had to keep a given email in our inbox until the other person had dealt with it. Today, we just use our email inboxes for the quicker tasks, and Azendoo for the long-term and group tasks.

What is your favourite feature on the application?

I really like the latest version of the task overview.

To whom would you recommend Azendoo?

I would recommend Azendoo to any company manager with more than ten employees.
There are real productivity gains to be made by using it.

Customer Success Manager
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