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This is a guest post by our Rockstar Helen Crozier (who is also an Evernote Ambassador).



Last week I was seriously immersed in learning about Evernote Business. Consequently I ended up wishing even more for a task/collaboration application that I felt inspired and proud to use. As much as I am joined to Evernote at the hip it does not excel at those two things. Superior information gathering, organising transferring  is what Evernote is about. The practicalities of really helping with project management are not and were never promised to be ‘in the box’.

The abundance gods were listening to me and granted my wish. As soon as Monday came  I learned about azendoo. one of the six finalists in the Business Category of the Evernote Platform awards.


Azendoo succeeds in finding that rare balance between being a project management tool and a communication device. With its Evernote sync, Azendoo allows users to easily share notes with their team, making sure key information is available to all. Unfinished checkbox items are even converted into actionable tasks, saving you the hassle”_

All three sentences had my heart beating just a little bit too fast.  Keyboard Karma was feeling not so calm as she zipped over to investigate further.

Lessons from a jaded productivity warrior

Look to be honest the reason why I suspect I hadn’t found the two-year-old azendoo was that I was a little jaded around the edges from my long pursuit for ‘the one’. I begin to think I was just wishing for the impossible. After putting so many ‘productivity’ apps to the test I came up with the following thoughts…

  • if they are ‘too good-looking’ there will be hidden flaws that will be revealed over time
  • there will be nothing that syncs properly to Evernote because it’s not been done in the past or if it had been attempted it was very half-baked or comprimised.
  • incompatibilities are rife…. so many ‘no android, no windows etc
  • most productivity apps just love to taunt you with due dates that turn bright red once you go past them …. then you choose to look at those overdue items but not see them… not exactly motivating
  • for some reason every task platform seems obsessed with tags…. so we spend more time than is necessary throwing every possible key word at a task just so it doesn’t get lost!

Love at first sight?

So can you understand why I was ecstatic to find that azendoo ticks all my boxes and having had a skype conversation with the very amiable co founder/product manager, Chris Gagin I was bursting at the seams to hear of even more improvements on the road map. Chris generously gave me a product tour and answered all of my questions. I realised at the end of the call that this indeed was the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle that was required for me to say the words “I have the tools for you to become very productive and will provide you with the skills” with utmost confidence.

Azendoo currently integrates with email, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Skype. Azendoo does NOT use tags but in addition to unlimited workspaces offers ‘subjects’ which are more like a small project, an event, a sub-group, or process. People and communication play an important role inside azendoo and a premium workspace ($5/person/month) will even give you ‘secret’ projects.  The killer for me is the planner view and with it the ability to move tasks into your schedule without due dates eg today (the hotlist)  or ‘this week’, ‘next week’, ‘next month’ etc.  The freemium version is more than satisfactory (just like the freemium model of Evernote) with upgrade only necessary if you require certain sharing/privacy features or more storage.

Pièce de résistance

Here is a sneak peek at how sophisticated the Evernote task sync is!. I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven!! Evernote can be the starting point for taking meeting notes which contain tasks (check boxes) and also general notes. The check boxes get carried over as tasks to azendoo and synchronise so if they are ticked off in one app, the other app will also show as being done. So elegant!

YouTube Preview Image

In summary

I’m not going to name or speak poorly of any of the task management tools that I have used in the past. Let’s just say that to me this azendoo is far ahead of any other and I will be very pleased to be spreading the word, using it with my clients and showing them how to use it (in combination with Evernote of course!). Even the daily email that arrives in the morning giving me my hotlist is friendly ! Happy days….

“Sent with love by the Azendoo Team from Bordeaux, France”

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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