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Today, I’ve decided to come back and take another look at what we mean by “guests”, to give you a clearer picture.

What is a Guest?

A Guest is a person who you would like to include on one or several specific subjects, and who is not currently part of your workspace. A Guest can be anyone: a client, a supplier, a freelancer, and so on.

Why is this useful?

A workspace is designed to optimize internal communication. Sensitive and confidential conversations can be discussed on this workspace.
Sometimes, however, external parties need to take part in a conversation, to share their point of view and really bring added value to discussions.

There’s no need to include them on the workspace anymore! Guests can have access just to the subjects they're invited on. They won't even know the workspace they belong to, or see the other subjects listed on this workspace.

How many guests can I add?

With the Premium offer, you can add as many guests as you want!

So, imagine you're working on your new website. For this project you’ve hired a freelance designer and you need to share ideas with him. What is more, he's got a proposal or two that he would like to share with you in order to move the project forward.

So why not create a subject on your Azendoo workspace called "Website Design", and invite him and the other team members involved in this project? You’ll be able to collaborate easily and everyone will have access the same information!

Just bear one thing in mind: if you find that you are adding the same guests on to too many of your subjects, it might be better to add him or her as a member.

Customer Success Manager
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