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matthieu Article written by Matthieu Guignard, Azendoo Rockstar


Managing a project can be a difficult thing if we don’t use the right tools. My job is, among other things, to create and carry out web projects. To do that, I use a set of three tools that work extremely well together: Azendoo + Evernote + Skitch.

Project Organization

When I start a new project, the first step is to put it in place the organizational aspects throughout the company and most importantly, set everything up in our project management tools. The first thing that I create is a specific Azendoo Workspace for the project as well as any Azendoo Subjects that are relevant to the main topics. Then, I invite all the employees that will be working on the project to join my new Subjects.


After my Azendoo Workspace is set up, I create an Evernote Notebook for the project and add labels that correspond to the Subjects that were created in Azendoo.

As a project manager, I have to orchestrate tasks and project resources. That’s why Azendoo is the ideal tool, because it gives me an overview of my project’s tasks and assignments. Azendoo is not a task manager; it is more like a planner. The tasks are not set by due date, but by the date that they are going to get worked on. This approach, when it comes to project management, is much more realistic and changes the whole dynamic of the project, allowing me to manage it with more efficiency and less stress.


Project progress and assigning tasks

For each waypoint and meeting that I have, I create an Evernote Note that I share in the project’s dedicated Azendoo Workspace. Plus, I can tag it to an Azendoo Subject if it deals with a specific topic, and if I want the information to be private (only for the group working on the project). The advantage of sharing information with Evernote and Azendoo is that the information is made relevant at the same level to everyone in the subject. In addition, everyone can provide feedback using my notes, which is extremely beneficial because it introduces a real collaborative dynamic to the project. Azendoo has also teamed-up with several online storage tools like Box, Google Drive and Dropbox so that I can share all my documents the same way.

An Efficient Recipe

When working on a web project, functional tests are important steps that require a lot of back and forth. There are numerous comments and correction requests, and an image speaks 1000 times louder than words. That’s why I make it ​​a habit of taking screenshots of web pages and add my comments with the Skitch application. Each page that requires modifications is well captured with Skitch and is included in an Evernote Note. Then, I’ll create a task in Azendoo and attach all the notes that I created so that my staff can make the changes. Once the task is created, I’ll assign it to whoever needs to get the work done. Now, everyone involved in the project has all the information necessary to complete their tasks.

Not to mention that a major advantage of using Evernote Notes when it comes to images, is that the note is scalable. I can edit the note at any time and be sure that the employee will have an updated version. Plus, whenever I update a note, I’ll obviously let the team know by using the comment box in Azendoo tasks.


_ Annotations in Skitch_


Skitch In an Evernote Note


 An Azendoo Task with the attached Evernote Note

Combining Azendoo with Evernote works really well, and when you combine them with the added value from Skitch annotations, it forms a perfect trio for monitoring and managing a web project. When I compared the way I work today to the projects that have been done in the past (before using these three tools), I can measure an efficiency increase of about 30%. This improvement was due in particular to:

  • Less email exchanges (time-consuming and not always pertinent)
  • Clearer instructions (through comments and annotations made ​​in Skitch)
  • Certainty when it comes to having updated information shared by all project stakeholders.
  • Having one dedicated, accessible place to exchange all our information
  • Responsiveness and increased involvement in regards to individual project members.

After testing many different ways to manage a web project, I finally found one that suits me best and, in my opinion, is the most effective way to manage a project where collaboration is the key factor to success.

How you manage your projects? Let us know @Azendoo!

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