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As you may or may not have seen, we recently reviewed our task planner. Did you notice the different panels? Every time you create a task, you are now able to organise it according to these different panels:

  • Now
  • Later
  • Someday
  • Completed.

Let’s have a closer look at these panels and how to use them

First things first: these panels have nothing to do with the due date set in the task definition. These views are to help you organise your workflow and decide when you want to work on a specific task (for example, today, tomorrow, next week etc). The due date, on the other hand, is for determining the date by which the task has to be done.


When a new task is created, it is automatically added to your To-Do panel. Why not get started on a new task right away? The sooner the better! Ideally, all tasks ordered in “Now” should be carried out immediately. You can also organize them in your To-Do according to their priority. Simply drag and drop them to put the most important items at the top of your To-Do list and the least important at the bottom.


Are you surrounded by new tasks coming in from all your teammates? Don’t worry; simply snooze the less urgent tasks to make them reappear later. In this section, you can decide if you want to plan a task on a short-term basis (in a hour, the end of the day etc.), or for the medium-term (tomorrow, in two days time, next week).

You can even plan in the longer term, to make the task reappear in six months, or in one year. You will be then asked to pick the date and time of when you might start this task.


Lucky you! You’ve just created a task but don’t have any deadline, or if you do then it’s in a very long one. If you don’t want to start this task now, simply place it in the “Someday” section.

You won’t receive any updates or alarms to remind you to start this task, but you can find it at any time in this “Someday” panel. It works as a memory jogger.


Whenever a task has been marked as done (meaning you've finished it) it will automatically be moved to your "Completed” list. In this way, you will be able to access all the tasks that you have accomplished, classified by date.

So, stop working just according to your due dates and start organizing your work more smartly!

Customer Success Manager
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