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We are happy to announce that Azendoo has joined Alltech Group after reaching a definitive agreement to be acquired.

Alltech is a digital transformation consulting company based in Bordeaux, France and has proven its ambition to become a full fledge software editor by acquiring Azendoo.

Azendoo now has access to more resources to continue developing our apps and providing better overall experience for our clients. This acquisition will not impact the service for our customers and Azendoo will continue providing access to our apps to all customers and dedicated customer service.

Azendoo remains dedicated to bring you the best app and service possible to help teams and companies collaborate more effectively.

In addition to this news, Azendoo free trial period extends from 14 days to 60 days in order to give more time to anyone who wants to try Azendoo in real world conditions without having to engage financially.

Team Azendoo
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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