Azendoo launches a new interface

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  • Mar 12th, 2013
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The new Azendoo interface appeared on your screens yesterday morning. This is another important step for our team and especially for you, our customers and users.

Welcome to the first version of Azendoo made largely based off the feedback of our 19000 users in 160 countries. Here it is:

OK, so the photo is nice, but the best way to discover our application’s new look is to connect to Azendoo and see for yourself:

Since the beginning, our vision was to provide our users with the easiest, most ergonomic and efficient teamwork experience as possible. We spend a lot of time in front of our computer screens reading and writing emails, searching for information and synchronizing with others. It has even become the majority of our daily lives, and it’s generally seen as a waste of time or stressful to say the least.

Azendoo was born from the idea that we can, and we must, do better. Today’s enterprise solutions are heavy, complex or just plain ugly. We want to bring pleasure to your work life in a challenging and attractive environment. Our goal is to help you regain control of your life, instead of being continually stressed by an information overload.

Therefore, our user experience requires a precise and impeccable design. This new interface responds to your desire to do better, more simply and more intuitively. The basis of our roundtable discussions were to:

  • Make teamwork and group organization fun

  • Automate multiple synchronizations, which is done naturally through the use of Azendoo,

  • Save you time with more accessible, more relevant and better filtered information,

  • Use the full capacity of your screen and prepare for the near future of Azendoo (…),

  • Create a personalized environment for greater comfort while allowing you to manage more projects,

  • Provide an application that is user-friendly for all types of companies, from bank’s and healthcare, to start-ups and services,

  • Provide immediate benefits. We want you to feel the effectiveness of Azendoo in the first few minutes of use.  

We are already in the process of designing more new features for the new Azendoo. Some may even be making their appearance in a few days. Such as:

  • Functions related to Workspaces: more administrative functions and the ability to use several email addresses,

  • Advanced project features, milestones, subject models, timeline views,

  • Repeating tasks, unassigning, commenting and individual tasks models,

  • Further email integration capabilities, task interactions and message subjects,

  • User task monitoring,

  • Advanced filters (subjects / people / time …),

  • “Guest” users on a single, confidential topic,

  • Integrations with Dropbox and BOX  

and many other surprises that we have up our sleeve, in part thanks to your feedback … but always in a simple, ergonomic and intuitive interface.

Whether it’s the interface itself, or the functions coming soon, do not hesitate to tell us what you think and help us develop the future of work!

Co founder and CEO at Azendoo I found the The [secret] formula to better productivity :
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