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GetApp, one of the leading application and software repository just ranked Azendoo category leader for the Task management category, again! Azendoo climbed from #22 to #19 in the past few months.

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Here is a quote from Suzie Blaszkiewicz researcher at GetApp:

“Azendoo has retained its place in GetApp's Category Leader ranking for Task Management since Q1 2017. Coming in strong this quarter with an impressive overall score of 58, Azendoo showcases its strength in software integrations with a score of 16. An additional 13 points for its mobile apps and 13 points for reviews solidifies Azendoo as one of the leading Task Management solutions in the cloud.”

Our recent Task Boards launch, the new mobile apps version 3 for better performances, the addition of Markdown in messages and the SSO support for increased security all contribute to make Azendoo a better task management tool, even though it can do much more!

Azendoo Task Board View

The Azendoo team is thrilled to be considered a category leader and we are determined to keep working hard to climb up that listing and become a key player in the task management app field.

Team Azendoo
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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