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It has been some time since you have not heard about new things - we get the frustration. It's now time for Azendoo to get up to speed with an augmented experience.

What happened since the purchase ?

Azendoo has been purchased by AllTech Group in April 2020 - during lockdown in France - where the software is developed since 2008.

Get it. Brainstorm it. Build it.

Since then, we've built up the required team to take off and challenge this wonderful tool for team collaboration. Here's what we've been working on ; silently:

  1. Get what's up ; empathize with the former team's processes and understand how they got work done before.

  2. Brainstorm and make the tool yours ; take a step back to what's in it for the team and how to capitalize on existing experiences.

  3. Plan and start building! We're now walking this path.

Azendoo has always been challenging working habits. We will continue to do so with a taste for new technologies and usages. Are you ready to get up to speed with us?

What's next on Azendoo for late 2020 ?

Azendoo Roadmap Late 2020 - Images are always better than words, right ?

After a successful purchase, our team focused on getting its hands on architecture and stack. 10 years+ of tool development is not something you can consider to be light and easy when handled over! As from now, this background work is done.

We will now focus on augmenting your experience on Azendoo.

Azendoo roadmap for late 2020 is all about experience

Private Conversations 2.0

Collaborating in teams do need small talks to happen. We aim to provide a one-stop-shop for teams to collaborate, at all levels of the organization as well as at all levels of exchanges between teammates.

Therefore, we've prioritized private messages to be enhanced with:

  • [NEW] Quick access widget: start discussing in one click with any teammate
  • [NEW] Quick access to workspace's members list and last discussions

Azendoo Private Messages 2.0 : Quick Access Widget (Mock-Up)

  • [NEW] Visio meetings with integration of Teams, Discord & Azendoo's native way of sharing a meeting room online

Visio meetings in Azendoo with Teams & Discord integrations

  • [NEW] Groups as well as subjects' & workspaces' members messaging

Focus on quick wins

We know you want NEWNESS ! We want some as well and are excited about developing it. In order to let you enjoy a renewed experience, the team has decided to run quick wins.

Quick wins scheduled to be done before the end of the year:

  • [NEW] Document Viewer to open JPEG, video, PDF... within Azendoo
  • [NEW] Quick vocal & video recordings in Subjects' activity feeds
  • [NEW] Simply share activities across workspaces
  • [NEW] Quickly export a subject from a workspace to another
  • [NEW/FIX] Running as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) across all the solution ; with for example live markdowns edition
  • [FIX] Repaired & automated filling-up of forms for Guests & Members sign-up

Team will be constantly updating this list with new Quick Wins to be worked on.

What's a quick win for us?
- We consider Quick Wins as real game changers for the global User Experience.
- Quick Wins are different from new features ; they're here to intuitively enhance.
- Quick Wins usually take no more than few day of work for the technical team to make them available.

Stronger Mobile App

Have you heard about the raising norm? Remote work is becoming a must ; wether you make it happen for performance matters or workplace management.

Teams need to access resources ATAWAD (Any Time / Any Where / Any Device) and with the same level of relevancy and reactivity. Azendoo's Mobile App can help you reach this level of agility - so we're working to make it smoother to use.

Azendoo Mobile App : vision early 2021

  • Constantly running debug sprints to say goodbye to irritating in-app experiences
  • Step up on-the-go productivity with fast task creation from activity feed
  • Quickly record video and audio on subject's activity feed
  • Easily edit and delete activities
  • Making messages and notifications work better

We plan to completely reframe the Mobile App experience for early 2021 - we are actually running User Experience Research to reach success over this.

Teams' storage management

Azendoo already synchronizes your Google Drive and OneDrive documents.

However, your team's files are a gold mine! And they're not necessarily shared within everyone's personal Drive.

Teams' Drive (wether they're called "Shared Drive" at Google or "One Drive Enterprise" at Microsoft) are the real deal. Structuring and managing permissions can be a real game-changer for your team to collaborate better.

We know it's something you NEED to rely on and that's why we chose to rework the synchronization steps for you to add your actual storage to Azendoo.

  • [NEW/FIX] Google Shared Drive synchronization: share your drive's files directly within Azendoo and collaborate online
  • [NEW/FIX] Microsoft OneDrive synchronization: share your files stocked on Enterprise OneDrive storage and collaborate online real time.

Azendoo Google Shared Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Enterprise integration

Global architecture experience

Getting our hands on the code took us some time, but we're now proud to say that the team is up to speed with actual architecture. Therefore, we ran a migration plan on the back-end side of the project : from Ruby On Rails to .Net Core framework.

However, this heavy technical work is required to be seamless on our users' side. So we've decided to set up a gateway - think of a new entry door for the tool to connect front requests to back responses.

The Gateway will redirect calls from users on front-end to corresponding back-end and blocks required to respond - without delay nor changes for users' experience.

The gateway will allow the team to continuously migrate to .Net Core framework while deprecating one after the other former blocks made on Ruby on Rails framework.

Making the architecture way more flexible, partitioning each micro-services of back-end and allowing us to create custom blocks for custom needs.

Reach out to us if white labelling Azendoo seems a great idea for your business!

Why we chose to migrate code?

  • New team has different competencies and masters other technical development langages .Net Core remains more stable and complete on the long run, allowing us to always fit in needs' evolutions

  • Performances of the App will be greatly enhanced (velocity, responsiveness...)

  • While migrating each block of the software, we will be able to build up new features and debug the former code when needed

Azendoo is a great tool for collaboration. That's true. But what is also true is that some key features are still missing. So, we decided to build up latests digital ergonomic trends for a smoother experience day after day.

See below a snapshot of what is in the pipe today:

  • Focus on drag & drop for tasks, subjects, workspaces (easily change a level of a task on crossed workspaces, subjects or organizations).

  • Focus on easy imports / export features at all levels (tasks, subjects, workspaces, organizations)

  • Making document's log more convenient and useful

Extra integrations !

You know we love integrating other softwares to Azendoo. This has not change with the purchase! We will continue to continuously search for new usages and opportunities.

Numerous integrations are scheduled to be built in Azendoo ; here is a sneak peak for our beloved readers:

  • Worklife widgets such as lunch break and afterwork suggestions, through partnerships with latest start-ups
  • Billing and following accountancy on Azendoo with synchronization to current features (Time Tracker...)
  • Placing Azendoo in the "real world" with phygital interactions. Picture controlling Azendoo with your voice! Track your collaborators' time without having to push any button! A lot more to come...

Have a solution to integrate? We're obviously open to talk.

We're always open to look for jobs to be done while collaborating. Reach out to us if you feel like Azendoo and your software are made for a win-win.

That's all for now, folks! But we will be back very soon with further updates. Meanwhile, follow us on social medias to get what's up in real time.

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