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We haven’t written a roadmap article for a while. Actually it has almost been a full year since our latest roadmap article, so we thought it was time to let you know what we’ve been up to. We are planning some big updates and some small tweaks to make Azendoo even more useful and intuitive.

Before we jump in, don’t forget to take a look at all our latest improvements, which include Time Tracking, new and improved integrations for Cisco Spark, Slack and Google Drive, better notifications, page redesigns and subject copy.

Here is what we are currently cooking up for you:

A new board view

An increasing number of teams rely on agile project management to get things done, and often like to use a board view of their work. We’ve taken this to heart and are preparing a board for your project’s tasks in Azendoo! Let us know if you’re excited about this!

You will be able to toggle board view of your task lists

Boards are already live in Azendoo!
Click here to learn more

Text formatting for messages

You will soon be able to make your messages convey more through text formatting. We’re going to support Markdown text formatting in messages across Azendoo. That also means you’ll be able to share links in a prettier way.

Text formatting in Azendoo

Markdown is now available in Azendoo!
Click here to learn more

Copy and assign a task to your whole team

Sometimes you need a lot of people to do the same easy task, whether that is filling out administrative paperwork, reading a document or whatever else. Instead of copying the same task over and over again, you’ll soon be able to duplicate a task and assign it directly to your team members in a few clicks.

Create copies of a task to multiple people

Faster mobile app

We are currently alpha testing the new app that provides a performance boost and a snappy feeling when using the app. You can join the open beta for Android and just ask us if you want to take part of the iOS beta program.

The new mobile apps are live in the Stores!
Get them here!

Email to subject

In many work settings, work requests come through email, especially when coming from clients or other external entities. We build the email-to-task feature so that those request emails can be turned into actionable and collaborative tasks in Azendoo.

Soon every subject will have its own email address that you will be able to share with your clients, etc., so they can send requests via email that will automatically be turned into Azendoo tasks in the associated subject.

Emails to Subjects is live in Azendoo!
Send emails to create tasks and conversations in your subjects


Single Sign On is mandatory in some businesses for security purposes, but it also adds convenience for administrators setting up a new service for their teams.

We’re currently building SSO support to make large team onboarding easier.

Single-Sign-On is available upon request!
Send us a request here to activate SSO for your organisation

Changes in task lists

We are going to try and tweak different things concerning task lists, first for our internal use, but we’d also love to include a few of you for beta testing some of these changes. Simply reach out via the in-app support and I’ll add you to the testers list. Some of the changes considered include:

  • Someday may change to become an archive system
  • Change some lists names and access
  • Give planned dates for tasks more importance
  • And of course we’re all ears for any of your suggestions!

Someday finally became Canceled!
Find out more here

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for updates as we roll out these features!

Team Azendoo
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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