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As announced in our latest roadmap article, we have been working on a board view for your tasks. After a period of internal testing and another of closed beta with a small circle of clients, we are excited to release the board view for all Azendoo users.

Azendoo Task Board View

Board view

The Azendoo boards take the existing to-do lists from your projects and personal tasks to offer a beautiful and intuitive layout for organizing and managing your work. This new view offers the simplicity of moving tasks through processes, while harnessing the full power of Azendoo work management.

Task lists can be visualized as Task Boards

Now tracking work through multiple stages is easier than ever, whether your boards take the classic To-do / Doing / Done approach, or any other custom process tailored for your work and projects.

Board layout is also great for categorizing work; for example, you can manage your marketing campaigns by categorizing your tasks by communication channels.

Visualize your work and processes

The Board view is perfect for visualizing processes and project progress. It enables managing processes and implementing Kanban or Scrum project management methodologies in your teams. Each column corresponds to a stage of the process, such as Backlog or Work in Progress. Each task is displayed under a column which supposes the task is indeed in the stage suggested by the column label.

Drag and drop within a column and between columns

You and your team can identify subjects to manage workflows with the board view. Use the columns to define the different steps of the workflow, and move the tasks along as they go through the process.


For example, you could manage your recruitment process with the board view. Start with a subject and create columns that reflects the different stages of your recruitment process. This could be: Incoming applications / Suitable candidates / Phone call screening / Interview / Contract proposition / Hired awaiting arrival.

That is a total of six columns, and each candidate would be represented as a task. You could also attach their resume/CV and other documents and information to their task, as well as comments concerning their profile and interview.

An example of a recrutement board

As the candidate goes through the hiring process, the task moves along the columns, while the candidates who are no longer under consideration can have their task canceled. The task will still be accessible in the canceled task section, and all of the information can be retrieved easily.

Boards have many applications. Here are a few more examples, but just about any process can be replicated in Azendoo:

  • Product roadmap with columns of progress and tasks as features ( Considering / Conception / Design / Back-end / Front-end / QA / Release )
  • Content calendar with columns as weeks and tasks as articles to publish
  • Employee onboarding resources board with columns as categories and tasks as resources ( Welcome / Employee Handbook / Contacts / Communication / Requests etc)
  • Employee contact book with columns as departments and tasks as people ( HR / Marketing / Engineering / Execs etc )
  • And so much more...

Task boards examples

Interactive and intuitive

You will find Azendoo board simple to use thanks to the clean and modern interface. Creating columns and tasks requires no training, and dragging tasks around feels snappy and very intuitive.

To access a subject’s board view, go to an existing subject, or create a new one, and click on the Board tab. From there you can see your existing tasks if any, or start creating columns and tasks.

Creating new columns in an existing subject

When starting from an empty board, click on “add your first column” to get started. Create one column for each step of your process, or each categories. Then you can start adding tasks under any column.

The newly created tasks will be unassigned by default and you can assign them directly from the board view by clicking on the empty avatar and selecting a team member, yourself included. You can also open tasks with a simple click and add information onto the task card.

Starting a fresh board

Organize or reorganize your tasks by dragging them to their respective columns as they advance through the process.

Once a task is completed, you can mark it as done via the three dots on the task, or by opening the task card and clicking on the checkbox. The task will disappear from the board view and will be logged into the subject’s completed task list. If you cancel a task, the task will also disappear from the board view and will be accessible only from the subject’s canceled tasks.


Watch this video to learn everything about Azendoo task boards in under 5 minutes:

Deeply integrated to your work

The board view is an additional view of your subject’s tasks, not an alternative view. You won’t have to create new subjects and new tasks. You can simply go into any of your existing subjects and start organizing your tasks in the board view.

The tasks are based on your subject’s to-do list so all your tasks to-do will already be in it. Columns are based on separators, so if you already had separators, your tasks will appear in different columns, and if you create new columns, they will show as separators in your subject to-do list.

So if you change the task order in the task list, the changes will also be reflected in the board view and vice-versa.

Changes in the task list are reflected in the task board, and vice versa

Backed by the power of Azendoo work management

The power and versatility of Azendoo will meet all of your team needs in work management and communication. The board view is a just fraction of what you can do to organize and manage your team work in Azendoo. With the other task visualizations such as lists and calendar views, you can manage any type of work.

Azendoo’s flexible subjects system and the cross subjects task sharing makes it possible to display the same task in different workflows, and make one task evolve differently in each workflow, multiplying the possibilities in terms of work tracking.

The same task can be present in multiple task boards

Azendoo is packed with other task management features including team and personal task lists, subtasks, copy and follow-up tasks, and much more. And on top of all that Azendoo also features a business relevant communication system composed of threaded conversations and 1:1 direct messages.

What do you think?

Please let us know your thoughts on this new feature and tell us how we can improve it so that it becomes even more useful in your daily work flow.

Also take a look at the Trello Import made for the occasion

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