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Your days are driven by all the things you have to do, and in order to accomplish those things, you need to keep and maintain a to-do list. But most of the time, this to-do list is personal and not really functional.

That’s why Azendoo Tasks are at the center of the application. Our main objective is to give you the possibility to make your to-do list actionable, shareable and thus collaborative.

It all starts by creating a task for anything you need to do. Have a report to write? A call to make? A bill to pay? A campaign to launch? Well, those things are all tasks that you can create, enrich, share and follow right from the Azendoo interface.

Start by creating a task


Plus, there are several different ways to create a task:

  • From the Azendoo interface "+" in the top barre or from the "What do you have to do" placeholder in your task planner

  • With the shortcut: Shift + [T]

  • From an email – by forwarding it to (premium feature)

  • From an Azendoo discussion


So wherever you are, whatever you do, you can create tasks for everything you think about, and stop forgetting what you have to do.

Add content to your task

To better accomplish what you’re doing, you need to add content to your task. After creating a task, open the Task Card by clicking on the task. The Task Card is THE place where you have everything you need to succeed! You can add a description, sub tasks, a due date, a reminder and even documents (from your desktop and/or from our integrations: Evernote, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox). Plus, you can invite your co-workers to comment on what’s happening in the task card comment feed.


To share your work with your teammates and give context to what you’re doing, you can tag one or more subjects to the task. If you want to know more about Azendoo Subjects, read this article: What is a subject?

Here is a full overview of an Azendoo task card:


Assign tasks

Sometimes you need to delegate work to your colleagues. Fortunately, Azendoo makes it super easy! After creating and filling in your task, click on « Send task to » and select your coworker’s name. He/she will be notified that you’ve assigned them something to do. From then on, you’re added as a follower of the task, and you’ll be notified when anything new comes up.


Please note that this is a premium feature.

Once you’ve assign a task to one of your co-workers, it disappears from your planner and goes to your coworker’s planner. But you can always locate the task again with your section, and in the subject you’ve tagged to the task (if you tagged one).


Complete your tasks

Once your work is finished, all you have left to do is check it off!

Then, all the people who followed your task will get a notification. Besides, the members of your task’s tagged subjects will see that you finished the task in their timeline.


That way, everyone is easily in sync!

To learn more about Azendoo tasks, feel free to have a look at our Help Center.

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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