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Are you behind on how marketing is done today? You want to get started with marketing but don't know where to start? Azendoo made this guide to get your started with marketing in today's fast pace environment.

The beginner's guide to modern marketing was written to get you started with marketing and to help you:

  • set up a vision, goals and objectives
  • find the right tools for your marketing needs
  • collaborate effectively around your marketing
  • figure out how to track marketing KPIs
  • interact with customers online

While this guide does not take you step by step to your first marketing actions, it is necessary to help you generate a marketing plan and be successful.

So if you are interested, feel free to check it out below or directly on, and to comment with your thoughts or critics to help me make this guide better.

Click here to view the guide now

Mattias Le Cren
Content marketing & growth hacking advocate. I'm heavily into tech and football. Ping me on twitter: @lecrenm
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