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Blog post by Ronaldo Guedes, Azendoo’s newest RockStar.


Let me introduce you to Ronaldo, Founder & Director of Lure Consulting, our newest Rockstar from Brazil! And here’s how and why he uses Azendoo.

“In a meeting with my team, I realized that some members were not producing as expected, and I was busy with my big clientes so I could not keep up with the activities that they were developing, which caused them to be a bit lost on some projects. I noticed that some members were overloaded while others were standing idle, and that some projects were delayed while others were ahead of schedule. So* I needed to balance the activities of my team and track the progress* of each member, project and client. But how could I do that?

I tried various techniques of team and project management, but there was something missing, maybe a tool or application that could help me… So I searched through many sites and applications. Some were very complex, others were too much work. In some I could manage tasks but not teams, in others I could manage teams but not tasks, and in most of them I could not make it happen in real-time. What I missed the most in these applications was the ability to tie it all together in a smartphone.

Then, one day I changed my approach. I decided to search for a task management app in the android store, that´s when I discovered Azendoo. I downloaded it and installed the app on my smartphone, then I realized that I could use the application on the website too! So I logged on and started using Azendoo and it was love at first sight! *Everything was very simple and uncomplicated! *I create workspaces, projects, tasks, build teams, driving tasks, kept track of every client, project, task, member, all in real-time with the website and smartphone application.

I started with my login, inserted some projects and tasks, then invited my team to join, and I started interacting with my team through Azendoo. Two weeks after I started using Azendoo, I had all my clients, projects and teams in the Azendoo application. Everything was running much more productively, my tasks were not delayed anymore, my team was back on track and my clients were happy.

With the success that Azendoo had with my team, two weeks after I started using Azendoo, every other department and team in my company had installed Azendoo. Today, my entire company is using Azendoo for our projects, tasks and teams. We even like it so much that we started managing the company itself within the Azendoo application.

The next step is to install Azendoo for our customers, and integrate them with our staff. Fortunately, the possibilities are endless with Azendoo, as long as we are interested in advancing our productivity and improving our project and task management!

The discovery of Azendoo was so fantastic that I am now thinking about using it in my home to manage my family as a team. I don’t know if my wife and kids will like it, but that’s a topic for another post…”

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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