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This is a guest post by Yvonne Rummich, Azendoo Rockstar.


Big changes are being made by the Azendoo team. Yesterday, I still thought Azendoo was perfect, but today with the new release of the Task Pilot, I must admit that Azendoo is now more perfect than ever!

But what are these great changes?

First of all, the team have changed the way you view all of your tasks. There is a new tab called “Snoozed”, and with this new section you are able to create a really clean and fantastic-looking To-Do List for your day, without losing focus on the tasks at hand.
If you create a task, it will be on your Todo. If you have a lot of stuff to do, this list risks becoming very long and you risk losing focus. Even for tasks without a specific due date, their priority can change so quickly.


So if you plan your day with Azendoo, you can snooze tasks to come back at another time (later today, tomorrow, next week,...) These tasks are not gone, but they disappear from your to-do list for that day and then they will come back, when you decide to let them come back.


Another new feature are the flags. If you have set a due date, flags will appear in front of the tasks. There are red flags for tasks that are overdue, orange flags for tasks due today and grey flags for tasks with due dates in the next few days. So you have all the important information in a glance.


But there are more changes!

A big new change is that you can change the background if there is a task tab open. This means if you have opened a task and are working in it, you can easily switch to your messages or to other workspaces or list views, without having to close the task tab. This makes working within a task much easier than before.

And that’s not all!
Now you can drag and drop your tasks in order to prioritise them. With the eight little points in front of every task, you can grab this task and move it to another part of your list. So, you can change the ordering of your list swiftly and easily, just as you need to. What is more, if the priority changes, which can sometimes happen with little warning, you can also reorganize the order of your to-do effortlessly and quickly.

With the new task pilot you can snooze your tasks to come back on another day or in another week, without losing the due date. This means that if you have a task that is overdue, you can snooze this task to tomorrow, but it will still be shown as a task that is overdue tomorrow.

With this new Task Pilot view, you are able to work efficiently and maintain a rigorous focus, and without losing control. I really value the new Task Pilot because it makes the work even easier. You don't need to open a task in order to delegate it to other teammates: just one click and it's done.

Here is a video demo (in German) made by Yvonne.

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