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Striking a healthy work-life balance is perhaps one of the most important factors in any business. A poor balance can result in major decreases in productivity and even has the potential to impact employee retention rate - meaning you could lose your best team members if they’re pushed too far.

In today’s hectic business world, a poor work-life balance can easily go unnoticed or become accepted as the norm - especially among entrepreneurs working around the clock to make their business a success. However, in order to achieve sustainable growth, it’s essential that employees are well rested.

According to The Mental Health Foundation, over 40% of employees frequently neglect their home life due to work commitments. This can directly result in increased stress, depression and even resentment towards a role. These factors can, in turn, have a significant negative impact on your business’s output.

Set Realistic Deadlines

Promising too much and allowing too little time is one of the main reasons employees and businesses owners end up throwing their work-life balance out of the window. Time setting is the responsibility of employees and managers - so whether you work for a small business or run one yourself, it’s vital to ensure you’re not biting off more than you can chew.

Small businesses in particular are frequently under increased pressure - with small teams often facing heavy workloads, without the resources to spread the workload during busy periods. However, there’s more to gain by producing higher quality work at a realistic pace than allowing quality to suffer for the sake of churning it out - which could mean losing business.

Protect Your Down Time

Time off during the week is vital in order for your mind to recover from a day’s work. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that, after clocking out for the day, you take time to relax. A poor work-life balance can result in blurred lines between the two, with employees taking work home. This can lead to damaging associations where the mind cannot switch off after leaving the office, resulting in a lack of rest and increased stress the next morning.

If you want your business to thrive, ensure you encourage yourself and your team members to adopt a healthier balance. Whether you need to address workload schedules or simply curb your own bad habits - your business stands to benefit from a shake-up. A well-rested team will enjoy their job more and increase their productivity during office hours.

Access Your Energy

Exercise is proven to have a dramatic and positive impact upon employees’ working performance. Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, helping us to stay mentally sharp and alert – with employees exercising for at least half an hour three times a week being 15% more likely to perform optimally at work. Exercising in our spare time increases our general health and wellbeing, reducing absences and improving performance, while being allowed exercise time during the working day has the power to maximise our time management and dramatically improve mental and interpersonal performance.

What this demonstrates is that a little exercise goes a long way, helping us to make the absolute most of office hours and leave our personal time for us – the very definition of a perfect work-life balance.

Find out more about finding the perfect balance across your business by checking out The Employee Motivation Guide from Eden Springs.

This is a guest post written by Tegan Denwood @eden_springs

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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