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Caroline Notari is responsible for digital and multimedia projects at Bordeaux National Opera. She's a real enthusiast as far as digital projects are concerned and, alongside her full time position at the opera house, she also works on many personal projects - or as many as is physically possible ;-)

She has been using Azendoo for the entirety of her projects for three years now.

“Azendoo radically improved my daily organization. I work on several projects involving different people, and Azendoo enables me to centralize all my data and to work on each one of my projects when I have the time to do so.”

As part of her work for Bordeaux National Opera, Caroline suggested the teamwork tool to the Development and Communication Department with whom she works, in order to improve their experience when producing the brochure for the season.“The brochure is really the focal point of the year for our department, directed by Cécile Oudeyer, and for the opera house as a whole.”

The department needs to be working permanently at this time of year, and with the other departments in the opera house to a greater extent than it usually would. So, the team creates subjects and all the team members share information that is relevant to the production of the brochure.

There can often be last minute changes and the advantage of using Azendoo, other than the team’s reactivity, is that it means that no information “slips through the gaps”, and that important players are not left out from the email threads.

Meanwhile, Nathalie Jarlan of, faced with the rising success of her cool “gadget-holders”, called on Caroline to help boost the product. Reconstruction of the Feuzz website was a natural place for Caroline to start. Nathalie Jarlan launched the project two years ago, and Caroline joined her a few months ago to handle both communication strategy and product development.

Today there are four of them working on the project: Nat the creator; Mat the developer; Amandine who is in charge of the personalization of Feuzzz products; and Caro who handles digital communications and the development of online marketing.

Azendoo acts as a platform for their work, where messages can be centralized, tasks posted, reminders left for important things not to be forgotten, and where they all have a vision of the progress of their projects. Nathalie posts all her new ideas, her questions and her requirements on the Activity feed, not forgetting of course to link these posts to a subject and creating a new subject for each new theme.

The team discuss together the feasibility of a given idea and, once the idea gets the go-ahead, project manager Caroline creates a task from the message so that she – or whomever the task has been attributed to – can start working on it. With Azendoo notifications, everyone has access to the latest information and can progress more quickly in their work.

“The uptake of Azendo by the Feuzzz team was very fast. Nathalie is by no means a ‘tech lover’, but she understood very quickly how Azendoo functions and the value that it could bring to our team work.”

Meanwhile, Caroline is also working on a crowdfunding campaign set up by Milos Unplugged for the production of his latest album.

The financing of this product is being managed via KissKissBankBank, and whilst Milos uses the flyers that Caroline has created for field marketing purposes (DJ sets, free concerts, flyer distribution etc.), Caroline handles all the online campaign promotion.

She developed her communication plan in an Evernote, and Azendoo enables her to discuss her latest ideas with the artist, or the campaigns that they need to put in place: emailing, media, social networking, private messages, updates to the KissKissBankBank page, and so on.

So for example, a list is created on Azendoo for those contacts that are not to be forgotten, and ticked off as soon as the press release has been sent out.
The crowdfunding project has barely been launched and already it seems to be progressing well, and with one third of the goal funding contributed within just ten days.

Since September, Caroline has been wanting to use Azendoo for the reconstruction of the Bordeaux National Opera website:

“The website reconstruction is my priority. I use Azendoo to discuss with the agency And Digital, so that their items and messages remain in a priority position amongst the mass of other emails that I receive within a given working day. In this way, the project remains separate, enabling me to follow its progress with particular attention.”

Thanks to Azendoo, Caroline manages to centralize all of the projects on which she is working. Wherever she is, and whatever time of day it is, she can access her information and follow the progress of each and every one of her projects.

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