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You have longed for it, you have asked for it, so we made it! I am thrilled to announce Azendoo’s calendar view!

Calendar view for all subjects

You can find calendar views within each subject between the Tasks and Analytics tabs. Set up your first day of the week to be displayed in the calendar views to be either Sunday or Monday in the account settings page, under the personal settings tab.

Changing due dates just became easier

Easily create tasks using the + button within a date, which will automatically set the due date to the day you created it in.

Need to change the due date? Simply drag & drop the task into another date. The due date will change automatically to the date you drop the task into.

Weekly planning

Would you rather organize your work week by week? We also added a weekly view, which shows tasks with due dates for a given week, broken down per subject member.

On this view you can also drag & drop tasks to change the due date, but also to change the assignee.

That makes it easier to see the workload for a given week per subject member, and to adjust quickly.

That’s it for the first version of the calendar view. We are eager to know your thoughts about this new addition. So let us know how you use the calendar view, and how we can make it even better in the comments below ;)

Team Azendoo
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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