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As part of our acceleration program with Cisco, we are happy to announce our brand new Cisco Spark Integration. This integration allows Azendoo and Cisco Webex Teams users to receive Azendoo actions directly in Cisco Webex Teams so that you and your team can monitor progress and open tasks in a single click.

Cisco Webex Teams, formerly known as Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark is a communication platform that focuses on messaging, meeting and calling. The main features are voice and video calling and screen sharing, as well as third-party integration capabilities.

The conversations are divided by teams, with multiple shared spaces. Each space can be populated by different members so that you can collaborate with just the right people. They also provide VoIP solutions on their advance meetings plan.


With the integration, you will be able to link a Spark Space with an Azendoo Subject. With the integration activated, you can select which action will create a message in Spark.

Here is the full list of actions that trigger messages:

  • A task is added to the subject
  • A task is created in the subject
  • A task is assigned in the subject
  • A task is commented on
  • A task reminder is triggered
  • A task due date is updated
  • A task is completed

We are already planning on expanding the list above with new triggers. Here are the results in Spark:


Activating the integration is easy. You will need a Cisco Spark account on top of your Azendoo account. First go to your Applications settings page in Azendoo and connect to Cisco Spark.


Then click on your workspace settings and select the integrations tab. There you can configure your Spark integration. Click on Add Integrations to get started. You can then select the Subject that will trigger messages and the Spark space that will receive the messages.

All you have left to do is select which events will trigger Spark messages. Click on Add Integration and you’re all set. You can add multiple configurations to receive messages from more than one Azendoo subject, and in different Spark spaces.

Who can see it?

Only the members in the Spark space you selected will receive the messages. However, every Workspace member in Azendoo will be able to see all active integrations.

More integrations to come

Following this integration, we would like to keep building integrations that make sense to you. So let us know in the comments which integrations you would like to see in Azendoo :)

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