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Communication is the most important aspect of collaboration. In Azendoo, you can communicate with conversations, task comments and direct messages, all written communication.

Written communication isn’t always easy. Some messages are more important than others, some sentences carry more weight than others, and some words can emphasize certain meanings.

We often need to take the time to craft the right message, to use emojis to add emotional tones, and to use text formatting to add structure and emphasis to our messages.

Text formatting is now available in Azendoo!

The good news is you can now format your messages in Azendoo! Markdown text formatting is available in conversations and their comments, task comments and direct messages.

Markdown is the text formatting of choice on the internet thanks to its simple and flexible syntax and has already been available in the task description for about a year.

Formatting Available

You can now add headers, links, quotes and code blocks to your messages, as well as format text with bold, italic, inline code and lists (ordered and unordered).

Here is what it looks like once your message is posted :

How does it work?

If you want to make your messages stand out, you can format them with the Markdown syntax.

Click on the Markdown symbol under the message text field to open the markdown syntax help window which includes all supported formatting, their syntax and the associated keyboard shortcut.

If you don’t want to format your messages, nothing changes, simply type your message like you used to.


Here is an example of a message with a heading and a link (using the keyboard shortcut):

Try it out!

We recommend you play around with the Markdown syntax a little bit before posting work messages. A great playground can be inside task comments. Create a task (you can name it Markdown tests) and post comments trying out the markdown shortcuts and syntax.

And remember, you can always edit your messages if something went wrong!

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