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What is a roadmap? A roadmap is an action plan intended to achieve a particular goal. It is often used in businesses and usually shared within the whole team so that everyone has the same priorities and move together in the same direction.

You can build several kinds of roadmaps:

  • A marketing roadmap to plan your next campaigns
  • A product roadmap for your design and development team’s next steps
  • A content roadmap to have an editorial calendar of your next publications
  • A HR roadmap to plan your next recruitment sessions

Whether you are a corporate firm, a law firm, a design agency, or a NPO, Azendoo has a bunch of features to help you stay organized and focused on your action plans.

1. Subjects

You have no limitation on the number of subjects that you create in Azendoo, so take advantage of it! Create a new subject that will be dedicated to your roadmap and invite your team members on this subject, so that everyone is aware of your super action plan!

2. Separators

Think about the different sections you'll have in your list, then create separators that will allow you to see progress in seconds.

3. Import tasks from Evernote

Now it is time to create your tasks and assign them to the appropriate member. You have two ways to do it.

Enter each task, one by one, like this:

Or import them in two clicks from Evernote, like this:

This import from Evernote is quite useful isn’t it? ;-)

4. Deadlines and calendar view

To preview your roadmap inside a calendar view, you need to add deadlines to your tasks. That way, you give your team clear objectives.

A task has to be delayed? No worries, drag and drop the task to its new deadline.

5. Keeping your roadmap up-to-date

Your roadmap is in place! Step by step, as your roadmap progresses, remember to move tasks inside their appropriate sections, and to mark them as completed when finished.

Now it’s time to get back to work and get things done! ;-)

Audrey Labuxiere
Customer Success Manager @Azendoo. You can follow me on Twitter: @AudreyLabuxiere
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