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Closely is an agency based in the US that gathers data from a range of social media feeds on behalf of small businesses, in order to provide insights about their clients and to enable them to watch competitors if needed.

Dara Pieper has worked there for almost a year as a designer. Her daily job consists of taking care of user experience and improving projects.
As her bio on the website and she herself both claim, Dara is a real to-do list lover.

Because she has to follow several different projects at the same time, she needs to write her ideas in tasks so that she can keep track of them.
It’s also useful for her as she works in a quick-moving environment and frequently needs a retrospective view of what has been done and what is still outstanding.

She discovered the concept of the task management tool whilst at her previous company, an agency with a lot of designers. When she realized there were a lot of projects to deal with, she decided to look for a simple tool to organize all her ideas.
Her demands were clear. She was looking for a tool that:

  • could provide a mobile application
  • would enable her to easily create subjects and tasks
  • could integrate tasks into the workflow.

“Task management apps should be like breathing. Azendoo is just that; it fits seamlessly into my workflow.”

Azendoo was soon the choice of the entire team, as the tool was so intuitive and easy to use. It was when we were working on one of our investment projects that Azendoo really showed its efficiency.

The team was working on a project for an investment bank, but they were lacking the time and resources they needed to properly execute the project. The designers had too many ideas, and putting them in an order them was not possible. Finally, they decided to gather all the ideas that were being discussed and to create subjects out of them. People interested in a specific subject simply needed to add themselves as members of that subject.
The more they worked on each idea, the more precise the ideas became. The messages in each subject became more specific, and the documents shared were considered more carefully.
By the end of the deadline, all project participants had succeeded in providing a result out of each subject: a goal for the end user.

“Azendoo allows me to spend less time planning my day, and more time creating and making.”

Dara really liked Azendoo and continued to use the tool when she arrived at Closely. In this new company, the context is different and task management is not a routine habit. However, she decided to keep on using Azendoo.

Because she has to manage different projects simultaneously, Azendoo provides her with an overview of the whole project, allowing her to organize her daily tasks and to plan her week.

Mattias Le Cren
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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