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Az Foundry is a small design agency inside the Azendoo team. They are three young designers specialized in web and mobile app design, branding and visual communication.

The agency selects its clients based on different criteria, including the team’s compatibility and the project. But there is one thing that Az Foundry imposes on every client: Azendoo.

Az Foundry utilizes Azendoo for everything related to project follow-up with each and every client. Here is how they use it.

How Az Foundry uses Azendoo with their clients

Az Foundry is organized in a single Workspace. They use multiple subjects that each have a precise function.

The Prospect Subject

This Subject is used to manage their prospects. They mainly use tasks in this subject as it allows them to take advantage of the separators to create different sections that correspond to each stage of a prospect’s life.

In the “First contact” section are listed the prospects (in the form of tasks) that have not been contacted yet.

If a meeting has taken place, and both entities have decided they want to work together, the prospect’s task will go into the “Quote” section.

In this section comments are exchanged about the type of mission, the duration, the interest, and the price. It kills two birds with one stone, serving as a record for all important information as well as helping to follow the evolution of the prospect.

The Prospect Subject

Once the quote has been sent, all feedback from the prospect will be recorded in the task. If the quote is accepted, a new Subject will be created specifically for this new client.

The Client Subject

Each client Subject is composed of a “[G]” followed by the name of the client. This is a signal for all Workspace members that this Subject has at least one Guest inside.

Some of Az Foundry's Subjects

The clients are invited to the Subject as Guests, along with the whole Az Foundry design team.

The Az Foundry team then posts an initial message to welcome the client and set the rules for Azendoo. This message is important to explain what Azendoo is and how it should be used, with the final goal being to use it as the primary communication tool and to forget about emails.

An example of a welcome message

All communication then takes place inside the client Subject and through more direct exchanges in the form of phone/video calls or meetings.

  • Deliveries. As soon as the team has to deliver an asset, it takes place in Azendoo. A message is typed up reminding everyone of the initial objectives. The asset is attached to the conversation and summarized in the message. And finally the team proposes a call regarding this delivery with the client.
  • Feedback. The delivery message also allows for an early quick feedback from the client before the call. All comments about a delivery happen in the same conversation.
  • Call debriefing. Everything that has been said during a call is then synthesized and shared on the subject as a new conversation. This allows for clarifying ideas and adding missing points and information that could have slipped away from both sides.
  • Asset exchange. In a more informal way, the exchange of design assets and other resources such as text copies and brand guidelines are shared in the Subject, centralizing all documentation.

All of these exchanges take place in Azendoo timeline conversations, which implies that each Subject member is up to date on all information, allowing for greater transparency.

An example of a delivery message

Sometimes Private Messages are exchanged with the client but only for small talk and scheduling calls, as it helps reduce noise in the Subject conversations. However anything that touches the project directly is prohibited.

After the project is completed with the client, the Subject remains open, allowing them to keep in touch with the client. The team sometimes shares information, design trends, and other market information with the client. These often are linked to the client’s product, design or even communications.

Other Subjects

The Az Foundry design team uses the favorite Subject feature to pin Subjects they are currently working on, but they also use other various Subjects including:

  • Admin Subject. This Subject serves as a link between the designers and the administrative team to discuss equipment purchases, billing, quotes etc.
  • Watercooler Subject. Just like on Azendoo, all Workspace members get together to have non-work related discussions and more often then not share GIFs and other stupid little things.
  • Wake Subject. This Subject is reserved for the designers only. This is where they will share design content they find interesting or that they just like, and also share prototypes of their ongoing work with the rest of the team. It is a great way to get early feedback from other team members and share their discoveries.

Félicité sharing designs on the Wake Subject

How do the clients use Azendoo

Most Az Foundry clients use the Azendoo mobile app to follow the progress of the project. This way they can access all conversations on the go, receive push notifications and even preview images and give feedback on deliveries wherever they are.

How you can use Azendoo for your agency

You should have gotten some inspiration based on the Az Foundry use case to start implementing a similar system in your agency. With the addition of your own ideas to best adapt to the way you work, the transition should be smooth.

In each case, here are some solid tips to collaborate more effectively with clients on Azendoo:

  • Set the rules from the start with a clear and concise goal, in order to have a reference to look back on if the tool is not used for its original purpose.
  • Choose to mainly work with either tasks or conversations. Using both tasks and conversations with your clients might be confusing for them if it is their first contact with Azendoo.
  • Use Azendoo as your main written communication tool. And then you can of course use other forms of communications such as calls and meetings.
  • Take advantage of great features such as image preview to share designs, or email-to-task if your client starts sending you emails.
  • Make your clients download the mobile app - this way they won’t miss a thing regarding the progress of the project.

If you use Azendoo with your clients already, please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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