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Sharing documents is part of our everyday collaboration. We share an increasing amount of documents from different sources to different people, it’s even hard to keep track of what we share and to whom. So you can grasp how difficult it is to find documents shared by the rest of your team.

We redesigned our documents page to solve this problem. It enables you to find documents shared by your team more easily.

Documents page redesign

We just redesigned the documents page in Azendoo. This page is available on each subject, as well as on members profiles. The page contains every document shared on the subject or by the user, whether it was added on a task, comment or conversation.

With this cleaner interface, finding the document you are looking for is easier than ever. You can use the search bar to look for specific keywords and filter by the origin of the file.

You can also sort the documents by date, name, member and file size. Once you have found the document you were looking for, you can open the associated conversation or task to have a better grasp of the context it was shared on.

When your mouse cursor is above a file in the documents page, three icons appear on the right side which allow you to open, download and delete the file. You can also upload documents directly from the documents page, which will create a conversation to notify your team members of the newly available files.

If you are looking for a particular file type, such as an image of photoshop file, you can use the search bar as a filter. To do so, type the file extension in the search bar, all the files displayed will correspond to the file extensions you are looking for.

Conversation follow-up

We firmly believe that discussions must lead to actions. That is why we added the “create a task” button on every conversation that allows you to create a task from a conversation. The newly created task links back to the original conversations which is great to add context to that task.

So we’ve also redesigned the creation of a task from a conversation based on our follow-up task feature. Previously when clicking on the “create a task” button present on every conversation, a link to the conversation was created in the task description.

With the new conversation follow-up, clicking on the create a task button shows the follow-up task creation screen so you can customise your new task. You can type a task label, assign the task to a team members, add a description and a due date, and share the task on subjects and with followers.

Once the task is created, the link to the conversation shows under the task label and sharing field. The task creation also creates a message on the discussion to let everyone know that a task was created from this conversation, with the link to the task.

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