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As promised on our summer roadmap, we have been working on new ways to share files from your integrated services, and also released a way to filter your activity timeline.

As a reminder, Azendoo integrates with Evernote, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and the recently added OneDrive - so you can share, and work on files with your team members.

The way you shared files from these integrations hadn’t changed in years. Until now.

The Box, Dropbox, and Evernote file sharing experience has been improved with the integration of native clients from each service.


The new Box integration screen lets you navigate through your folders just as if you were on the box app.

You can change the order based on the files names, dates, and sizes making it easier to find your files. You can also select multiple files and folders to share with your team.

Azendoo Box Integration

Once you’ve selected the documents, just click on the “Choose” blue button and the files are shared on Azendoo, just as it did before.

Plus, you now have the possibility to change who has access to your shared files. Click on “Choose Access Type” and select what best suits your needs.

Learn how to use the Box integration


The new Dropbox integration now supports multi accounts! Dropbox allows you to connect both your personal and pro accounts at the same time! You can navigate through both accounts and share multiple files.

Dropbox integration

The recent files allows you to see the latest modified files and you can also search both accounts in the search field above, to access files even faster.

You can even upload files to Dropbox directly from this window! Click on the upload button on the top right, choose your account, and select the files from your computer. The file is uploaded to your Dropbox account and you can share it immediately!

Learn how to use the Dropbox integration


The new Evernote integration has the same abilities as the previous one. Except, that it is now more pleasant to use.

Evernote integration

You’ll see your recently updated notes first and can search through your notes with the top bar. You can still select more than one note to share with your team.


In case you missed it, we recently integrated OneDrive. Just like the new Box and Dropbox integrations, it opens in a separate window.

OneDrive integration

You can sign into your Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, or OneDrive for business accounts to share files in Azendoo.

Read the original article to learn more.

Timeline filter

The Azendoo timeline regroups your team’s activity and conversations. When working in big teams, the task activity can be so intense that it would take a lot of scrolling to get to the conversations.

That is now part of the past, thanks to the new timeline filter. You can select to see the timeline as you did before, with all the activity, or to filter it to only view the conversations.

The timeline filter in action

This feature will save big teams lots of time. :)

What’s next?

The Google Drive integration will follow the same partner soon, with its dedicated native window to share your Google files.

In the meantime, you may have noticed a few changes in the task card layout.

This is the groundwork for the upcoming subtasks!

Azendoo subtasks are coming

Login into your Azendoo account now to all these new changes see it for yourself.

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