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Drubbbler is a French startup based in Bordeaux. Built by four creative people, it works like the Buffer of Dribbble, the show and tell community for designers to display their work. Basically, Drubbbler allows you to schedule your Dribbble posts, in the same way as you might do using Buffer for Twitter or Facebook.

Luc, Charley, Audrey and Pierre started the company in December 2014 and they now have 1300 users and 296 teams, including Invision, Buffer, Litmus, Fueled, Design Modo, Creative Market, DuckDuckGo, ReadyMag and many others.

Drubbbler is a side project, so the team members don’t all actually work in the same office. Although they do live in the same city, they all work on the project remotely and at different times. So the Drubbbler team needed a tool that would help them to centralize and follow up their work. That’s why they tried Azendoo about four months ago. Their main objective was to be able to manage all their tasks regarding their feature releases and the production of their blog posts.

“We all work in different places, so before we started using Azendoo it was complicated to collaborate on specific tasks. But now we just assign tasks to one another, along with all the information needed to accomplish the task. We have saved a lot of time by using Azendoo.”

They mainly use Twitter as their support tool. Usually, when a Drubbbler user wants to give feedback about Drubbbler, he or she sends the team a tweet. Then Luc discusses with this user on Twitter, in order to better understand his or her needs. Afterwards, he uses the Zapier integration to move the Twitter discussions onto Azendoo. That’s when the Drubbbler team can get started on their work! They discuss the feature details in a dedicated subject on Azendoo, and then share the proposed feature design using the copy/paste feature. Once everyone agrees on the feature, Luc creates a task from the discussion and adds the developers to the task. The developer who wants to take on the feature production then assigns the task to himself.

“What we really like about Azendoo is that it is possible to create an action from a conversation. Being able to create a task from a discussion makes our production work that much more efficient, and everyone can easily follow the work of other team members.”

They also use Azendoo for writing their blog posts. Luc knows the Dribbble community quite well, so he’s usually the one to get in touch with the designers they want to interview for the blog. Once the designer has agreed to be interviewed, Luc creates a task in the subject called “Blog Interview” on Azendoo. He adds the designer’s email address and assigns the task to Audrey. Then Audrey creates a Google Drive document with the interview questions, attaches it to the task and sends the document to the designer by email. Once the interview has been completed, she assigns the task to Luc so that he can create the design and upload it to the Drubbbler blog.

“Azendoo will definitely help us to develop our upcoming features. The process is so easy that we are really progressing much faster than we were before.”

The next step for Drubbbler is to create a premium version of the application. So they’ll need to develop new features that will make their application even more powerful!

Mattias Le Cren
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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