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We are happy to announce new embedding capabilities in Azendoo! You can now view tweets like you would in Twitter feed, and watch videos from Youtube and Vimeo without leaving Azendoo!

We know that the ability to share tweets was important for you because they play a major role in every digital marketing strategy. You can now follow, favorite, retweet and reply to a tweet from within Azendoo. And of course open the tweet in Twitter.

And with our Zapier integration, it is faster to discuss around incoming tweets.

You can also now watch Youtube & Vimeo videos directly in your activity feed. That’s great to share the latest video produced, or competitors ads, or industry experts talks. Of course the embedding also works with funny cat videos ;)

Here is what it looks like:

And this is how Vimeo looks like in Azendoo:

Watch Vimeo videos in Azendoo

Enjoy ;)

EDIT: We added new embedding capabilities in Azendoo, including Slideshare, Facebook and more! - Click here to learn more

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