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ThomasPic Guest post written by Thomas Riffey


Hey, I’m Thomas, and I have LOTS of plates spinning. I’m an account manager at a small business in Oklahoma, a part time musician, and a family guy. I’ve learned the best way I keep track of all these things is by giving myself punch lists. Some of my lists are pretty concrete. Dream projects for example, are pretty straightforward. But the way that I look at tasks, it’s all about movement.

dream list

In one of my jobs, I learned about repeatable routines. They make life super easy in that you can structure things to a sequence. In an old task app I used to use (asana), I kept a template of steps that were repetitive. But I found that wasn’t a perfect system. And it was boring to use. I tried another one (wunderlist), but it was just checkboxes, and didn’t feel very intuitive. I had to manually drag tasks to sort them. To make them fit categories I mentally tracked it on my own. It wasn’t what I was after either, and had no ability to repeat things.

Enter Azendoo, and the ability to manage/sort/shift by the step in the process. So now, I run with a set of moveable subjects. For example, the way I like to check my to-do’s for work, is to list them out by the step in process. We have a robust CRM software, but during high volume seasons I like to have a “digital post-it note” to help me manage important/time sensitive projects. When I manage a task, it floats from one subject to another to categorize the important projects. So my tasks are constantly in motion from one point to another.

BLU tasks

Here’s where it really gets fun for me. I am deeply embedded in Evernote, and I love to research & track things & jot down ideas in Evernote. So, when I research an item, or I’m creating projects and brainstorming ideas in Evernote, I can create an ideal punch list in Evernote, and then send that directly to Azendoo. And, I can take all the links that I find in Evernote, and make sure that those are linked up so that I can cross-reference my data between Azendoo and Evernote.

For example, let’s talk music! I used Evernote web clipper to save links for lots of things I am considering (effects, settings, projects, etc), and then make a bullet list in Evernote for tasks, and pull them over to Azendoo.

music shot

Here you can see my tasks. Some are concrete. The routine tasks contain things like changing strings & refilling humidifiers. Other items migrate. Like if I was looking at a pedal (say the Walrus Descent there at the bottom), I research it, and it drops off (I don’t buy it), or it migrates to the purchase list, so it’s on my radar. If I’m feeling overly ambitious, I even give myself a deadline for when it ends up in the rig.

Having this method of fluid shifting has worked really well for me. It’s super easy to use, and with Azendoo it is incredibly intuitive. It works exactly the way I want. And with the connection to Evernote & Dropbox it fits my workflow really well.

The challenge & the fun is to ask the question, “how do I make my workflow actually flow?” Rather than have my task list just be a series of check boxes, it’s an item that lives & breathes and walks through the process. Keeping subjects as steps in the routine gives me a structure to work within, which gives me consistency in my work. This gives me a great chance to be productive, and not just spin my wheels trying to get moving, because my tasks actually HAVE to move.

Are your Tasks in constant movement? Let us know how @TeamAzendoo and connect with Thomas @riffinator

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