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The general subject is now live for everyone! But what is the general subject? If we rewind a few weeks, you might remember that we announced the general subject in our roadmap article.

The general subject is special because its members are based on the workspace members. If you add someone in your workspace, this person will automatically be added to the general subject. Workspace members cannot leave this subject, and guests cannot be invited.

The general subject has its own icon

The general subject is a subject for the workspace. You can use it to share messages and tasks with the entire workspace easily, and it replaces sharing on the workspace. So you no longer share on the workspace - instead, you’ll share on the general subject.

How default sharing used to be

What default sharing is now

All the data that was previously shared on the workspace is now under the general subject. So you can find all your tasks, documents and conversations, plus you now have a calendar for your whole team as well as access to analytics.

This change has been made to bring more coherence to the workspace structures. Having two separate notions (sharing on the workspace, and sharing in a subject) was troublesome. But that’s now in the past ;)

The general subject is called “general subject” by default, and can be identified by its unique icon. However, you can rename and change the subject color and purpose as you’d like!

Extended polling

We love using the polling feature here at Azendoo. We use it in many different ways, but only having two options from which to choose limited its usability.

Welcome to extended polls! You can now have up to 5 different choices! And yes, you can rename each choice ;)

To get started, start a new conversation and click on “add a poll”. From here you can rename the first two options, and add new choices easily.

Once ready, hit publish. There is your poll, and you can watch the results come in live. Login into your Azendoo account and give it a try!

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