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As Xmas approaches and 2014 is almost over, it is time to take a look back at what has happened this year. hint: read until the end, we’ve got a surprise for you ;-)

What a year for Azendoo, what a ride for the team! Here’s why :

Crafting an app that people love

There’s a huge difference between building an app that people try out or use, and designing an app that people love. That’s been our focus all year long. The result? Our growth has been entirely down to word-of-mouth, partnerships and competition migrations. Azendoo has become easier to use, faster to search, better at syncing your team and available with you anywhere.

  • We’ve introduced some cool new features like presence indicators, public tasks, calendar sync and awesome new backgrounds.
  • We’ve worked to improve some of the less visible but nonetheless key stuff, such as a new search engine, quicker access to your teams with pinned subjects and multi-format exports.
  • We’ve added a bit of magic to our Evernote integration with checkboxes sync. It’s widely used by the Evernote user community. The cherry on the cake? Azendoo was awarded the Best Multi-Platform Award 2014 by Phil Libin, at the Evernote EC4 user conference earlier this year.

What’s next? We’ve got a lot on our plate: Offline access, Guests, Time-Tracking, etc. Don’t hesitate to send feedback or upvote on other ideas.

Growing Azendoo usage

The more we have got to know you, our users, and have been able to understand the way you organize your life & work, the better the app has become.

  • We’ve entirely redeveloped our mobile application to help you keep your team and projects with you, all the time. What’s next? Well, yeah it does pretty much everything the web version provides, but moving forward we’re going to look into actual mobile usage to improve the app and think mobile first.

  • Azendoo was made available on your Desktop, having conquered the web and mobile world. Some users still work outside of a web browser. Our desktop app is a way for us to say thank you to them for using us.


  • We now have 270,000 users in over 160 countries. That’s a great milestone but we can never have too many users ;-) The UI was already great, but we decided to design a new one for our next million users, which we brought to you recently, as well as a simpler sign-up process to welcome you on board.
  • Azendoo now speaks nine languages, including Chinese, Russian, Brazilian and German, thanks to our community who helped us translate the app.

Since then, referrals and word-of-mouth have been the powerful fuel propelling our growth forward, to invent the future of work.

We make teamwork simpler for everyone - not just for early adopting startups - including teams in Marketing, HR, sales, finance, builfing, law firms, design, non-profits, etc. We’ve become a much simpler alternative to tech-savvy teams focused apps like Asana or Slack, bringing together the best of both worlds in one single place.

Delivering a real Premium experience

We now have premium users in 50+ countries. That’s pretty cool. It’s all happened in the last nine months, as we increased our visibility in the US, in the press, at great events like SXSW or at our partners’ events like the Box Word Tour and the Evernote conference, to name a few.

So we decided not only to create special features for business users, but also to introduce a brand new premium plan, dedicated to individuals, who expect a lot more from Azendoo, whilst continuing to work with other team members.

If you want to build great things, it helps to be driven by a spirit of service. We care a lot for our users and we’ve actually found that the best growth hack is to deliver great support. We get so much pleasure from doing this that all your praise and positive feedback gets shared with the whole team. It has definitely become something that sets us apart, and is pivotal to our success.

The best team in town

The Azendooers. They are great; they are fearless; they are the heart, the arms and the brain of our startup. They have worked with passion all year long. Please join me in thanking them.

The Advisors. They brought their excellence and helped us to execute our strategy. Thank you to The Family partners, to Arnaud and Thibaut, to Halisol. Let’s make a blast in 2015, on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Rockstars. We’ve loved getting to know our users IRL at local meetups this year. We promise to do more of that in 2015. If you’d like us to come to your town and organize some events, please let us know.

Takeaways and Resolutions

I beleive that our team can learn a great deal from this year's achivements. Here are three takeaways I think will help us make progress in 2015:

  1. Remove stuff. Users like simplicity. We won't hesitate to remove features if we think they're standing in our way to build a better app.
  2. Partnerships are a great way to get traction, usage and consistent exposure. We're going to get closer to more of the app you love.
  3. Care for our customers has brought us a great deal of satisfaction and feedbacks. We will keep up answering every single message.
  4. Stop hacking, keep focusing. Smart, sustainable growth isn’t about hacking, it’s a relationship that starts and ends with our customers.

Merry Xmas

I won’t dress up as Santa Claus, but I do come bearing gifts. For Xmas, you can get Azendoo Premium for 3 months at the price of 1. To claim your present, just follow this link and enjoy!

Greg, CEO @Azendoo

Co founder and CEO at Azendoo I found the The [secret] formula to better productivity :
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