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Azendoo is meant to be used in teams. It was designed to make teamwork faster, better, smarter. Your team would most likely be your organization. However, Azendoo also allows you to invite and collaborate with Guests in specific subjects, making it possible to work with consultants, freelancers, partners, clients, and any other person who is not fully involved with your organization, at no extra charge.

Inviting guests is as easy as breathing

Invite guests is a simple process: three clicks, one email, and boom, your Guest is in.

Invite your guests in a few seconds

Guests have limited access

Your guests will only see the subjects you invite them to. That means they will only see what you want them to see.

Your guests are invited on Subjects, so they can do everything a regular user would inside that Subject: Create, follow, and delegate tasks; post activity messages and comment on them; use the Subject's calendar and analytics; upload and view all the Subject's documents.

Here what your Guests see

As a bonus, Guests can also send and receive Direct Messages with other team members!

Manage your guests

Your contract with your freelancer has expired? No worries! You can remove their rights as fast as you invited them in the first place. Like any other team member, guests can be removed by admin at any time.

Manage your Guests easily

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