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Azendoo blog helps teams around the world improve the way they approach productivity and collaboration to get more done. There are lots of content online tackling collaboration, communication and productivity issues.

Our aim is to provide the best content possible that provides real value to the reader, in the form of actionable tips and insightful data to make better decisions.

Our Content Philosophy

We want our blog to be the go-to place for tips on collaboration. We want people to share our articles because they found them useful. We want our readers to come back for more content.

Above all, the content must provide real value to the reader.

Whether the article is 3000 words guide or a short but focused article on a specific pain point, the reader must get something out of the article.

If you think you can contribute with articles that will provide value to our readers, we would be happy to publish and share it :)

Please read over the requirements below, and then submit your topic to us for approval.

The topics we cover are: Collaboration, Personal productivity, Remote work and Project management.

Content Requirements

Unique, insightful content that has not been published before. The articles can be of any length, but ideally between 1500 to 3000 words.

The topic must correspond to one of our categories, and/or address a specific pain point.

The article MUST link to and reference industry and scientific sources, case studies, and data to back up your argument.

If that sounds fair to you, send us an email at with your guest post proposition ;)

Mattias Le Cren
Product Owner at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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