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Cazamajour & UrbanLaw© is a legal practice specializing in planning law, environmental law, property law and health law. Our skill goes beyond dealing with the ‘typical’ dispute cases. Our specific area of expertise lies in advising our clients and safeguarding their projects in their early stages, whether on behalf of public and private public players, startups or individuals.
We particularly specialise in the realization of innovative projects, including smart cities, smart grids, renewable energies, connected devices, health, and so on.

Because we intervene in complex issues on an on-going basis, the challenge of managing data and the back and forth of information are challenges which we confront daily, so that we can guarantee that our clients and our partners receive advice which is clear, precise, exhaustive and of course, confidential.

Using Azendoo at Cazamajour & UrbanLaw® enables us to meet this challenge on two levels:

  • Internally, via the implementation of shared team workspaces. These workspaces enable us to centralize all our resources and our practical information in one sole place, and to manage our projects.
  • Externally, via the creation of confidential dedicated spaces with our clients, which enables us to maintain a global vision of each case and thus to use the tool with greater flexibility in terms of the exchange of the details and information related to each project.

Implementing the tool in our practice required a short period of acclimatization, as much internally as it did among our clients. Once this was mastered however, everyone quickly came to value the tool for its fluidity and usefulness. On a daily basis, Azendoo thus now enables us to:

  • share the team diary;
  • pool our internal tools for legal monitoring and good practice (user guides, glossaries etc.) on our server and via Evernote;
  • centralize, circulate and comment on legal decisions obtained or deeds executed, both among the team and with the clients concerned;
  • share and pool information related to management of our projects, such as the ISO certification, responding to calls for tender etc.;
  • swiftly contact each other or our clients via Skype etc.

Using Azendoo means we communicate better and to act with greater efficiency. The search tool is also particularly useful for us, enabling us to quickly locate those pieces of information that are specific to a given project or a case.

Clotilde CAZAMAJOUR, president of Cazamajour & UrbanLaw®, feels strongly about encouraging the development of this tool. Created by a young Bordeaux-based start-up, she feels it’s growth will contribute to local economy, innovation and creativity, and will boost the appeal of the city.

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