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This article is an interview of Lucas Jordan from A7B, a digital marketing agency based in Brazil and recent Azendoo client. Today, he shares their Azendoo experience with us.

Could you tell us about your team and your company?

We are a digital marketing agency from Brazil. We work with digital media through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other various platforms and services, such as social media and SEO. We are partners with Google and we focus on delivering high performance results and conversions for our wide array of clients, which include smalls and large businesses from various segments.

What is your role in the team?

I am a sponsored links analyst, creating campaigns for Google Adwords and Facebook ads, managing budgets and making sure the results are being delivered

How many people in your company? How many of them are using Azendoo?

We are 12 people, we all are using Azendoo and loving it, thank you very much.

What needs did you have before using Azendoo? How did you manage your workflow before using Azendoo?

We used to jump around a lot between various task managers, free and paid. It was a process in constant evolution, but we settled it with Azendoo: it really helped us in achieving high performance while dealing with a multitude of clients that signed on to services of social media, Adwords and SEO. Through Azendoo, we can integrate the graphic designers on visual tasks, link analysts in strategical matters and everything else with precision, speed and, most importantly, in a very straightforward manner: no one gets lost on their tasks, communication is clear, things get done.

How did you first hear about Azendoo?

Management is constantly seeking ways to improve our performance and eventually stumbled upon Azendoo. I’m not sure how, suddenly we all had to used it, and we loved it.

How did Azendoo meet your expectations? What is your favorite feature?

The way subjects works. We create a subject to every client, then we can create tasks for them, subscribe team members, set a deadline, get notified, upload relevant files. Everything is crystal clear, intuitive and fast. It really matches our high performance philosophy.

What challenges did you meet during implementation and how did you overcome them?

None. Even with new employees unfamiliar with Azendoo, we basically just leave them to their own devices and they figure stuff out on their own. Azendoo is that intuitive. We are in the “tech business” so no one here ever struggled with the software.

How was team adoption?

Magical, basically. There was a lot of noise in the communication with some of the alternatives we tried before Azendoo. Once we got the workflow going on Azendoo it was smooth sailing: tasks getting done, tasks being created, important files being shared on the proper channels without getting lost, super neat.

Can you give me us concrete example of how you use Azendoo for a particular project?

Let’s say a client demands a new campaign for Facebook Ads, he wants to share a new product with his audience of likers. I create a task, sign up the designer, demand a banner for the project for Facebook and instagram on a subtask. I put a deadline so he knows where to allocate this new task on his list of priorities. I create subtasks for myself to create the campaign, select the target audience and etc. I also use it for routine tasks for budget checking and adjustments.

What are the results of implementing Azendoo in your company?

Clear communication, seamless workflow, team working together with precision and speed to get tasks done within time.

Who would you recommend Azendoo to?

Anyone with several clients and high demands, or that needs high performance, communication and a intuitive task manager.

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Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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