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_“Azendoo is one of the few tabs in our browsers that is always open.” _


Interview with Thomas Groenhart @SVWOHL

Hey Thomas!

Tell us about yourself and what you do!

Hey guys, my name is Thomas Groenhart and I’m the co-founder of Dayman Media.

We’re an internet media company, and we help our clients look as good as possible on the web, by making engaging and creative websites, webshops and web apps. We are based in The Netherlands, but have clients from all over the world: i.e. South Africa, China, the USA and more.

What were you looking for when you first tried Azendoo? 

When we were looking to streamline and centralize our team’s projects and to-do lists, we compared quite a few different applications and ended up choosing Azendoo. This was because we liked the design and usability, the integration with Dropbox, the iOS and Android apps and that we could try the Starter plan for free didn’t hurt either.

How do you use the application?

Azendoo is one of the few tabs in our browsers that is always open. Throughout the entire day we continuously add subjects, tasks, documents and comments to organize our team. This way everyone always knows what needs to be done and when it has to be finished.

So you use the mobile app, tell us about that?

We’re not always working behind our desktops or laptops of course, so the app is a great way to communicate when we’re on the move. We often work irregular hours, so that means that my colleagues and I are not always online at the same time. With the mobile app we can also keep our team’s communication centralized.

What do you think of the new version?

The new mobile app is definitely a big improvement over the previous version. The addition of the notifications in the menu really helps to stay up-to-date on our teamwork and is an easy way to quickly react to changes.

The added list of pinned subjects in the menu is also great, but it would be even better if we could view all the subjects. Another thing we would really like to see is to be able to create subjects, but I’ve already heard from the Azendoo team that this will be implemented in a future version of the mobile app.

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Can you tell me, in one sentence, how Azendoo has changed the way you work? 

Azendoo has given us one awesome, centralized place to keep track of all our team’s communication, tasks and deadlines.

What’s the future of Azendoo for your team? 

As Dayman Media continues to grow and our projects get more challenging, complex and begin to involve more and more people, we’ll definitely keep using Azendoo as our favorite productivity tool.

Next to being a great project tracking service, it also gives us the kind of flexibility that a dynamic company like ours needs. No matter where all team members and clients are, Azendoo keeps us synced and always on track. To us, that’s a great value we simply can’t get anywhere else.

I’m very curious to see what the development team behind Azendoo will come up with in the coming years – and I’m sure we’ll love it.

Thanks again Thomas for taking the time to chat with us, and talk to you soon!

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