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Pentagram is an independent design firm with a difference. Exclusively run by designers who are partners in the firm, Pentagram employs 200 people across nineteen different teams spanning the globe.

The team based in New York adopted Azendoo as an antidote to email frustration, however, use of the platform has spread organically among Pentagram teams. Eddie Opara, one of Pentagram’s designer-partners, explains:

"The conversation that I had with one of my partners was just on a whim, where she said: “what is that, let me have a look at it”. I told her what it is and immediately she was on it, and then her whole team was on it! Then my other partner was on it, who I hadn’t had a conversation with at all. It was somebody from my team who had basically started talking to them about Azendoo, and then they were using it!"

These days, Eddie's team use Azendoo as their sole means of internal communication. Documents are attached to tasks, and even within the most complex of projects they can't be mislaid because of the smart search function.

Even better, by using Azendoo on their smartphones and other devices, alerts and notifications ensure no messages get missed — putting an end to nagging emails (and snarky replies) for ever.

"I really don’t like working with email. I don’t nd it useful at all, especially if I need to be reminded to do something. Azendoo has been incredibly bene cial in that regard."

Azendoo works for Pentagram because the simplicity of delegating and viewing progress on tasks allows for transparent and assured team communication.

"We’re right on time. We’re able to relay that information to the client, and that has been a very, very hard thing to do previously."

No matter which project the team is working on, from branding quirky toy apps to dealing with exclusive architecture consultants, meeting and exceeding client expectations is easier with Azendoo.

Keeping up-to-date used to be arduous for Eddie and his project coordinator, necessitating tedious team meetings to update each other on project progress. Using Azendoo, Eddie can simply view, update and follow up on delegated project tasks — and reserve meetings for talking about the really interesting stuff.

"What Azendoo has done is that it allows to actually have team meetings without going over projects. We want to talk about design and new ideas, or what event or books we are reading. We don’t want to be talking about “did you do this task, did you do that task” in a meeting. I just don’t think it’s viable, I don’t think it’s right. And Azendoo has started to take that away very, very quickly for us, which is fantastic."

With Azendoo improving team task management and meetings – and pushing their productivity up another notch – Pentagram’s continued ascent to world notoriety seems assured.

Mattias Le Cren
Product Manager at Azendoo. I enjoy tech, building software, and football.
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