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This is a user story by Aaron Spence, Director of Advancement Services of the West Catholic Preparatory High School.

I'm the Director of Advancement Services and I primarily use Azendoo to organize my daily, weekly, and longer term tasks for myself and the stakeholders in various other projects.

We've been using Azendoo now for a few months and have really taken a liking to it. At first, we experienced a good bit of hesitation.

Lots of people felt as though the old systems of email and extended meetings was more than effective in sharing information and updating people on projects. Azendoo really helped flip that on its head.

After two weeks of educating myself and others on the general functions of Azendoo, people started using it en masse. Moderators for student clubs started using it to manage student activities, administrators started managing committee work, and individuals began organizing and managing their workflow.

One of our faculty has even started using it to organize her wedding plan!

Thanks to Azendoo communication and workflow is a lot more consistent now. It also assists with organizing time tables and increasing accountability.

Besides I really appreciate Azendoo 3rd party integration. I usually load the templates for projects from my Evernote account and have the due dates and such synced to a shared calendar.

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