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Following the new Azendoo boards launch, we are announcing a new import in Azendoo: the Trello import. This import works just as you would expect, importing your Trello cards and turning them into Azendoo tasks. It also makes moving your work from Trello to Azendoo quick and easy.

Export your Trello boards

You can now import Trello boards in Azendoo, but first you need to export your board from Trello. Head to your Trello account, click on the board you want to export, click on the Board menu > More > Print and export and select Export JSON.

A page full of data will appear in lieu of your Trello webpage. On your web browser, click on File / Save page as and save the page on your computer, making sure that the selected file format is JSON.

Import in Azendoo

You can only import your Trello boards into subjects. There are two ways you can access the Trello import: from an empty subject board view and from a subject task list. Click on either to open the import window.

This will open the import window where you can upload your Trello export JSON file. Click on the button to start the copying process. Depending on the board size, it may take a few minutes to create all the elements in Azendoo. You will receive a notification when the copy is complete.


Watch this video to learn how to import a board from Trello to Azendoo under a minute:

What is imported, what is not

Your Azendoo board will have all of your columns and cards from Trello. Each card will have the same due date, checklists, description as were in Trello. Complete and archived cards and columns are not imported.

To sum up we import the following:

  • Columns
  • Cards
  • Due dates
  • Checklists
  • Descriptions
  • Archived columns and cards are imported as completed tasks

We do not import the following:

  • Attachments
  • Labels
  • People

If you want to import more, read further below.

Full Trello Import

If you want to move your team from Trello to Azendoo and migrate all of your data, contact us directly by filling in this form and we’ll work with you to import everything you need for a smooth transition.

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