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BETOM Group is a consulting company in construction work engineering and land-use planning. In an exclusive interview with their Communications Manager, Emilie David, we wondered about how and why they started using Azendoo.

First off, could you tell us a bit about yourself, your company and the products / services you offer?

BETOM Group specializes in building construction and land-use planning. Boasting a 170 employees within the Group, our firm combines 3 companies: BETOM Engineering, Cap Terre and IDEAM. We sell service provisions for both private and public and sectors.
My role within the team is to manage both internal and external communication.

What's the main reason for using Azendoo?

The structure of our Group entails a certain difficulty: 170 employees in 3 companies, 8 businesses and 10 agencies between France and Morocco. This structure impacts project management and communication between teams. We therefore had one goal with the management: to promote transversality and improve exchanges and dialogue within the Group.

How did you find out about Azendoo?

We were looking for a tool that could enhance and ease our daily communication. We also wanted our employees to engage actively within the company, to feel more involved and to help them share information intuitively. Azendoo came up and it seemed to be the most relevant solution thanks to its intuitiveness and features. The contact with their sales team was an important factor.

Did Azendoo meet your expectations?

Azendoo meets our expectations perfectly. Not only does it allow teams to collaborate better together, but it also helped us save time, simplify communication and exchange documents, all in one place. It helped foster internal communication and create a fun and productive environment at work.

What are your favorite features in Azendoo?

Creating and tracking tasks is really handy when working on a common project. Tasks allow effective project tracking and saves time. Moreover, the multi-tagging (being able to share the same information with several teams) is very convenient for us. Also, Azendoo regularly puts new features in place, the tool is constantly evolving.

How did you implement Azendoo in your business? What challenges did you encounter and how did you overcome them?

The integration of Azendoo was done step by step, the main goal being that everyone gets familiar with the tool. We started with a group of testers, then by inviting our employees in small groups to join us on the platform. This process allowed us to answer their questions and to walk them through the initial setup within the tool. Finally, we organised training private sessions, this time led by Azendoo's experts themselves!

Could you give a practical example of how Azendoo has proven to be useful for your business?

Azendoo's usefulness can be witnessed on daily basis. Our production team has managed to optimise their time by avoiding emails and managing exchanges and documents in one place. Subsequently, our project managers can now connect through the app from any construction site.
Additionally, collaboration between different professions has been optimised thanks to Azendoo tasks. We've also noticed more activity and a higher engagement rate amongst our collaborators, many of whom share documentation, press articles, events and more on the main feed.

What are the results of setting up Azendoo in your company?

Azendoo helped us gain in time and productivity, reduce the number of emails, efficiently track projects, federate employees and get them more involved.

Teekay Merah
Digital-native online marketer, growth hacker and strategic thinker. I take pride in excelling at what I do and hope my work encourages others to do the same.
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