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Subjects are how you organize your work in Azendoo. They help your team divide information and actions into smaller teams and topics. But sometimes the whole team needs to be informed of specific pieces of information.

That is why we created the General subject, which is always composed of the whole workspace team. However, sharing anything and everything in the General subject can turn it into a free-for-all.

Introducing a new type of subject confidentiality: the Dynamic Subject

The principle is simple, every workspace member is always a member of the dynamic subject. Other than than it works just like the rest of the subjects, and, unlike the General subject, guests can be invited to collaborate with you.

The real benefit is when you have large teams and are oftentimes onboarding new colleagues into Azendoo. Having multiple dynamic subjects will automatically add new members to these subjects without you having to add them manually or them having to ask to join these subjects.

It also makes team-wide discussions richer since they can happen in different subjects and you are sure to reach everyone when posting discussions into these subjects.

So how does it work?

Simply create a new subject or edit an existing one. In the creation/edition window select the Dynamic confidentiality setting. That’s it!

Create dynamic subjects in seconds

You’ll notice the empty house icon next to the subject label that indicates the subject is indeed dynamic. The General subject icon has also been updated for the occasion.

The four types of subject confidentiality in Azendoo

All the workspace team members that were not members of the subject prior to the creation/edition now are. Each new member receives a notification to let them know they are part of this subject.

You can keep using the subject as you normally would and can also:

  • Invite and collaborate with guests
  • Copy the subject
  • Archive the subject
  • Delete the subject
  • Change the confidentiality at anytime

Edit, copy, archive or even delete your dynamic subjects

Give it a try!

Go ahead and turn one of your key team subjects into a dynamic subject to make sure it’s always up to date with your workspace team members. Or you can create a brand new dynamic subject, for example a team watercool subject if you don't already have one!

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