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It’s always sad to see an app terminate. Yesterday, IQTell announced that it will shutdown all its services next Sept 16, 2015 and that it is no longer accepting new user registrations.

It’s even sadder to see thousands of users left guessing what to do next. Since this morning, these refugees have been increasingly enquiring about Azendoo, looking for an alternative to help their team achieve great things. Well... we think Azendoo is an interesting shelter for IQTell refugee:

  • Azendoo and IQTell share the same vision: Empowering your team to get more done, outside of email and run your life and work projects smoother. We've been around for a few years now, have premium users in over 80 countries and would love to welcome you.

  • We also know that IQTell's customers are great fans of Evernote. Good news, our deep integration with their free, premium and business apps has been awarded by Evernote a few months ago.

So we have a special offer for IQTell's users:

  • Both apps were designed to help you benefit from GTD and you should not be lost when switching to our App.
  • All your information is stored in the web? You won’t loose anything: as for IQTell, Azendoo let’s you turn Evernote Notes to Tasks and Projects. Plus you can also link your Google, Dropbox and Box docs. Sweet !
  • Using IQTell premium? Need advanced features? We’ve decided to offer a special discount for IQTell refugees: 50% off your first upgrade (monthly or yearly) to ease integration into Azendoo-ville.

To take advantage you simply need to sign up on Azendoo and contact us. We’ll send you a special coupon to upgrade Azendoo to Premium.

As always we’d love to know what you think. If you have any questions at all about the discount, signing up or the import process our friendly greeters are standing by at [email protected] and on twitter at @azendoo.

Welcome friends. We hope you find your home here!

Greg Lefort

Co founder and CEO at Azendoo I found the The [secret] formula to better productivity :
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