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In the past few weeks we released a lot of new features to help you better manage your teamwork in Azendoo. Here is a summary of our last updates.

Bigger Task Card

We made the Azendoo Task Card bigger to help you focus on your work. You now have 3 views for your task:

List view

The list view allows you to quickly see what you have to do.

The task list view shows: the task name, the subjects attached and the due date. Plus it also shows if any document is attached, and if any description and/or comments have been added.

Small Task Card

The side Task Card view allows you to access your task card information and to let you navigate throught the application (messages, tasks, ...) while keeping your task open.

Full Screen Task Card (NEW)

The full screen Task Card allows you to focus on what you have to do now. Your task content is more easy to read and you can discuss in real time with your teammates about the work you need to get done.

Unassigned Tasks

You can now create unassigned tasks from a subject so anyone can take the lead on those tasks.

Task Pilot

About a month ago we redesigned our Task Management system to release Task Pilot. It has improved:

  • priority management
  • respecting commitments
  • working and syncing as a team

New subject view

We made subject view clearer. You can now access your messages, tasks, documents and teammembers from the subject top bar. And we added an activity dashboard to each subject.

Subject Dashboards

As presented before you can now see your subject activity thanks to the dashboard. This dashboard shows you:

  • The tasks to do, snoozed and due today
  • Your weekly tasks activity (created and completed)
  • The number of messages shared (in comparison to the previous week)

Those dashboards will help you understand how your projects are moving foward.

New profile view

To access your team members informations (contact, info,..) and all the work they did or need to get done.

Drag and Drop in a message and in a task

You can now share any document from your computer by drag and dropping it directly in Azendoo.

Azendoo personalized emojis

Because at Azendoo we take Fun very seriously (we're hard workers but very funny people too ;-)), we decided to create our own personalized emojis!! You'll never find them anywhere else!
So you can share any of our emojis in a messages or in a tasks discussion.

Share Gifs in Azendoo

You can now share animated gif in your messages to add a bit of fun in your work!!

Don't forget that we regurlaly run Demo Webinars, register for the next one here:

Fred is Azendoo CMO. She focuses her work on Azendoo Users and on finding the best productivity hacks. Besides, she's all about snowboard, couture and books.
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