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We recently had the pleasure to interview the Belgian Salamander Media Team, who shared their story with us. Bram Van Langendonck (UX & UI Designer), Emile Heckaerts (Digital Strategist) and Yannick Claes (Full Stack Developer) are part of the punchy and creative Agency based in Belgium. All three collaborate and manage their customer projects together in Azendoo.

Their main business focus is to provide web design and web application services to their customers. The team manages the entire workflow from brainstorming to launch. Creation of logos, corporate identities, content marketing such as copywriting, photo and video creation are also part of their offer. This wide scope of tasks and projects are directly managed in Azendoo.

The team has decided to setup their workflow in using subjects as tags.

“We created favorite subjects like “Design”, “Development”, “Strategy”, “Content”,“Finance”, etc... Besides that, we also create a new subject for every client. Every task is assigned to a team member and has multiple tags for example Design and Client name”

The possibility of tagging a conversation or a task in multiple subjects, is part of their favorite features in Azendoo. For the team the activity tab, which highlights the latest communication and task progress in each subject is also much appreciated.

Discover how to use subjects as tags in Azendoo

For Salamander Media using Azendoo as a project and task management tool, has backed them to gain in efficiency in their work:

“I think the activity feed of each subject is one of the advantages of Azendoo. It offers us an overview of the projects where team members are working on and we have the feeling that it makes us more productive because we have an overview of the projects and their tasks”

We leave the last words of this interview to Salamander Media:

“We would recommend Azendoo to every other agency like us. It's easy to use and it just looks good which is important for designers ;-)”

Deborah Peter
Business Developer - I enjoy working with customers to help them kick-off their project. On a more personal level horseback riding and a cup of coffee make my day.
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