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One of the best ways to grow your business, is to simply increase your team productivity.

An increase in your team productivity can have a tremendous impact on all your business metrics. If your marketing team increases its productivity by 5%, it is safe to assume that you can achieve a higher performance on all your marketing actions.

But getting your team to be more productive isn't an easy task. Finding the best work tools, workflows, processes, etc. - while keeping some kind of consistency - takes time and effort.

Yet an effective way to increase everyone's productivity is to make your team's collaboration more efficient. Collaboration is at the center of your team's productivity output.

This is especially true in a marketing team, where bringing harmony between the product and creative teams, sales on the ground, product launches and campaigns, and other external agencies often feels like trying to conduct an orchestra!

Effective team collaboration relies on these three pillars:

  • The collaboration plan
  • Project planning
  • Information sharing

Azendoo has put together the marketer's pocket guide to team collaboration to help marketing teams achieve higher collaboration, and therefore higher overall performance.

Here is an excerpt of this book:

Each individual team will have a unique 'recipe' for good collaboration, based on personal styles and project goals. Though the combination will be unique, there are common ingredients to great team collaboration:

  • Good collaboration relies on strong, trusting team relationships.
  • Strong team collaboration doesn't just happen – there needs to be a plan
  • Collaboration processes should be agreed upon, tailored for the team and reviewed regularly.
  • Teams can use a variety of communication channels appropriate for the situation.
  • Wherever they are in the world, team members need access to all relevant data.
  • Successful teams have transparency regarding a project’s progress, and can also view their colleagues’ status.
  • Technology plays an increasingly important part in supporting great communication, teamwork and collaboration.
  • Good collaboration needs good leadership to hold everything together.

If you would like to read more about how to increase your team's productivity and drive more results, download our free marketer's pocket guide to team collaboration.

Mattias Le Cren
Content marketing & growth hacking advocate. I'm heavily into tech and football. Ping me on twitter: @lecrenm
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