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This is a guest post by our Azendoo Rockstar, Christophe Landat

It isn’t often that I come across an app that can impress me quite like this one has but I’m telling you this one is a pure wonder for teamwork.  In my line of work, you can hardly speak of a team in terms of my relation with my clients, and yet teamwork is the word I would apply to accurately describe the value of this online service.  To top it off, using this app strikes a particular chord for me as a Frenchman as Azendoo is the brainchild of a French startup, which is something to take pride in.


Recently, I was typing away to let one client know I still needed some paperwork to finalise a contract on his behalf, and asked another to use Azendoo so we can collaborate more efficiently as we will be working together more in the near future.  Even decisions like when to set a 6pm appointment is simplified by implementing a voting system. As I did all this, it came to me just how easy it had all been and how complicated it would have been before.

Azendoo makes it so simple to see what needs to be done and for a lawyer who strives to be as reactive as possible to my clients’ needs, this is an essential distinction.  It’s easy to see how visualizing all your information, from conversations to manage tasks and shared files, contributes to saving a considerable amount of time, which any client will welcome.

Azendoo increases the ability of a lawyer to work within a team and be as efficient as possible and like it or not, we’re all caught up in an ever growing web of information and our clients expect us to be very efficient, especially those in the IT world.

The old world communication barriers which hindered attorney-client communications are falling and there is even a butterfly effect that even the Azendoo creators possibly didn’t foresee. Azendoo is helping creative professionals who want a new way to work, to reinvent their rapport with their clients.

I can only congratulate such a young startup for their efforts.  It comes as no surprise that it has grown at such a rapid rate.

Once you have sunk your teeth into it, there’s no turning back!  And what can I say about the app’s versatility?  Azendoo is available as a smartphone app which is as fluid as on a mac (because there are only macs, aren’t there).

I am left in awe of Azendoo’s success.

Disclaimer : I have no shares or investment in Azendoo, other than my premium account.  I simply felt impelled to become an Azendoo Rockstar today.


Christophe is now an Azendoo Rockstar!! Feel free to contact him to ask him more about his experience.

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