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Azendoo’s homepage has been remodeled in the beginning of July. This change was inspired by several factors, amongst those an eagerness to set the wheels in motion for a new perspective for the future, this time closer to the user.

In this article, we interviewed one of the instigators of this change, our lead UX designer, Florent Tibourtine.

The team

Florent Tibourtine, Lead UX designer and Léa Charvin, Illustrator and Motion designer.

What instigated this change?

This change was initiated by a desire to make our interface less technical and mechanical. The previous design emphasized functionality but failed to stress the benefits for a team to work and evolve collectively on projects, especially while using Azendoo .

Why such different graphics?

To bring out the human side of our software and the value we bring to our clients. By offering a raw artistic touch, art being a discipline peculiar to the human being, we intended to radically change the previous chart, dive into a different world per se. As a SaaS and a tool completely dedicated to work and generally presented with dozens of technical features, we want to be more than just that.
Our aim is to immerse our users in an intuitive, well-designed interface and to make them feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

Can you explain the meaning of the illustrations?

With Léa Charvin, our Illustrator and Motion Designer, we wanted to embody and highlight the importance of people. Thus, we decided to put forward scenes of the active life in order to highlight the interest and the power of working collectively, in the same platform.

On one hand, the use of bright and vibrant colors speeds visual search, conveys structure and improves usability. Bright colors are also an expression of joy and life around our tool.

On the other hand, the depiction of the tree is at the heart of our illustrations and is very representative of Azendoo and our work philosophy.

Trees operate and express a sophisticated and yet simple flow of communication. Trees evolve over time, adapt to different events and work in cycles.

If we were to translate the symbolism of the tree into the way Azendoo works, the trunk would be our "common team subject", while the branches would be our tasks and the leaves the sub-tasks, all of which would communicate in complete harmony. A task starts with a bud and ends with a flower, thus completing a cycle.

Azendoo aims to promote a healthy workstyle, put teams at the heart of every project, and make information accessible to everyone, helping bring projects to completion.

Azendoo adapts to all teams or rather all trees, whether it’s a seed, small tree, a large oak or a cherry blossom. Whether you're a midsize organization or a Fortune 50 enterprise, our cloud-based system gives you deep insight into your business and the agility to adapt to change.

Teekay Merah
Digital-native online marketer, growth hacker and strategic thinker. I take pride in excelling at what I do and hope my work encourages others to do the same.
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